VACALL AllVac Industrial Vacuum Loader

VACALL AllVac Industrial Vacuum Loader for Sale by Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems

Setting industry standards with superior vacuum and filtration design!

Vacall AllVac industrial vacuum machines deliver more years of higher performance, setting a new long-term productivity standard for the removal of dust, powders, solids, liquids and thick slurries.

VACALLL AllVac machines have just one engine, reducing fuel consumption emissions, noise and maintenance. A superior filtration design effectively cleans air before it reaches the heavy-duty blower, capable of creating maximum vacuum at 28” Hg and maximum airflow at 5760 CFM.

An Industrial Vacuum Loader ideal for:
• Chemical plants
• Cement plants
• Steel and aluminum plants
• Dust collectors
• Tanks • Foundries
• Power generating stations
• Mining • Grain elevators and silos
• Oil refineries
• Sewer treatment plants
• Shipyards and docks
• Phosphate plants
• Waste-to-energy plants
• Furnaces

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