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TYMCO Sweeper Model 500x

TYMCO Sweeper Model 500x

Category: Sweepers

Manufacturer: TYMCO

The TYMCO Sweeper Model 500x® offers unprecedented reliability combined with incredible power and integrated cutting edge multiplex electronics and the industry’s highest dumping hopper lift assembly to build the most advanced high dump street sweeper available today. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sweeping state highways, city streets or sweeping behind a milling machine or road reclaimer, any successful high dump sweeping program needs a reliable sweeper.

The TYMCO Sweeper Model 500x® is built using TYMCO Regenerative Air System that delivers rock-solid reliability and an amazingly clean sweep. With a dump cycle faster than 68 seconds and an 11 foot dump height, the Model 500x provides more versatility than any other high dump street sweeper on the market.

The TYMCO Sweeper Model 500x® has the following features and benefits:

  • Water Efficiency
  • Higher Productivity
  • South Coast AQMD Rule 1186 Certification
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) alternative fuel option
  • Broom Assist Head (BAH) incorporates full-width air blast and suction designed to work effortlessly with the TYMCO Regenerative Air System to pick up a wide variety of debris
  • Hopper Capacity over 5.7 cubic yards and ensures owners a payload of over 6,000 lbs
  • Hopper Lift Assembly with 10,000 lb capacity with self-lubricating pivots that never require greasing and integral counterbalance holding valves
  • Gutter Brooms with Optional Tilt Adjuster to remove debris from curbs, gutters and around obstacles along city streets such as parked cars and maintenance equipment
  • High-Efficiency Multi-Pass Cylindrical Centrifugal Dust Control System for maximum dust control and particulate separation while using less water
  • 115 Horsepower John Deere Auxiliary Engine powers all hydraulic functions through a gear driven pump and directly belt drives the blower
  • Self-Cleaning Aluminum Alloy Blower that reduces fuel consumption because of its lightweight design low need for horsepower

TYMCO Sweeper Model 500x® options:

  • Mounted Magnet Assembly with in-cab controls for raising and lowering the magnet to the paved surface
  • Camera/Monitor System rear view back-up camera with in-cab display allows the operator to view the area behind the Model DST-4 while backing up providing additional safety and peace-of-mind
  • Drop Down Gutter Brooms in front of the pick-up head so the metal bristles can scrub up extremely packed on material
  • Pick-Up Head Curtain Lifter with the ability to sweep large volume of light debris and electronically controlled in cab