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TYMCO Sweeper Model 210

TYMCO Sweeper Model 210

Category: Sweepers

Manufacturer: TYMCO

The TYMCO Sweeper Model 210® gives you both the power and maneuverability that you need to get the job done. Ideal for tackling a downtown parking garage or the largest of parking lots with a height clearance as low as 6’6” and a large 2.4 cubic yard hopper. It’s the ideal choice when other sweepers are too large, have become inefficient, time-consuming or too high in maintenance.

The TYMCO Sweeper Model 210® has many benefits, such as:

  • Accomplishing More With Less
  • Water Efficiency
  • South Coast AQMD Rule 1186 Certification
  • Heavy Duty Pick-Up Head incorporates full-width air blast and suction to pick up a wide variety of parking lot debris from leaves and trash to heavy dirt, sand and rocks
  • Powerful Piggyback Hopper Dump Cylinders allow dumping even the heaviest of loads into dumpsters or containers commonly located near parking lots and garages
  • Gutter Broom Option removes debris from around parking lot islands, medians and parking bumpers with optional tilt adjuster that allows reach into the deepest curbs or gutters
  • High-efficiency Centrifugal Dust Control System for maximum dust control and particulate separation while using less water
  • Turbocharged Auxiliary Engine powers hydraulic functions while requiring only a modest amount of horsepower for a smaller, more fuel efficient auxiliary engine
  • Efficient Aluminum Alloy Blower that cleans itself and reduces fuel consumption because of its lightweight design low need for horsepower

TYMCO Sweeper Model 210® options:

  • Gutter Broomassists in removing debris from around parking lot islands, medians and parking bumpers while also providing versatile cleaning and extended gutter broom bristle life
  • Gutter Broom Tilt Adjusteruses in-cab controls to adjust the gutter broom to the pitch of the surface being swept
  • Auxiliary Hand Hose for cleaning in tight areas in parking lots and garages such as around dumpsters and containers
  • Sound Reduction Engineering (SRE) Package allows the Model 210 to sweep parking lots where only truck engine noise levels are desirable wile isolating various noise sources on the sweeper, addressing them through elimination or redesign
  • Camera/Monitor System rear view back-up camera with in-cab display allows the operator to view the area behind the Model 210 while backing up providing additional safety and peace-of-mind.
  • Large Storage Box with extra capacity, access to truck batteries, and easy access for brooms, shovels, rakes and additional tools
  • Backpack Blower Storage Box provides a place for the operator to store a backpack blower to clean off sidewalks before sweeping the lot
  • Low Carbon, High Chrome Stainless Steel Hopper, bolt-on blower housing, dust separator and hopper drain
  • Dual Steering allows the sweeper to be driven and operated from the right or left side for easier and more efficient sweeping
  • Pick-Up Head Curtain Lifter with the ability to sweep large volume of light debris and electronically controlled in cab