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Industrial Waste and Recycling Equipment

  • In 2015, Mid Atlantic Waste Systems celebrates its 30th year in the business
  • The Galbreath AF Hoist is the solution for CNG applications, Multiple Lift Axles or any situation where frame rail space is limited. Available in 22’ and 24’ rails, 60,000 & 75,000LB capacity and an extendable tail, ask us about a model to fit your application.
  • Automated side loaders are the answer to maximizing the amount of households serviced with a minimum amount of manpower.
  • Mini Rear Loaders offer many advantages over traditional rear loaders * Non-CDL * Highly Maneuverable* Increased Fuel Efficiency * Reliability * Lower Cost * See why Mini Rear Loaders are becoming more popular every day and ask us about a PacMac demo.
  • Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems is your local authorized dealer for Sewer Equipment Company of America. Chassis mount, trailer mount, easement machines, we have the solution to your sewer jetting needs. Let us help you spec the equipment that is right for your application.
  • Make the most out of your electric motors! The Electric Motor Dismantler is a one of a kind machine that separates the copper from the cast iron in three easy steps

When you need to recycle manufacturing by-products or unused parts, you need the best equipment in the business. That’s why businesses that need industrial recycling equipment, waste management, or material handling equipment choose Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems. We are the superior supplier of compaction, containing, dismantling, transportation, and industrial waste equipment in the Mid-Atlantic!

Our world-class products include:

If you need heavy-duty industrial waste management equipment that can operate in the toughest conditions, choose Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems. We’ve been supplying industrial material handling equipment to Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland for more than 30 years, and we stand by our equipment.

Don’t forget to visit our parts and services pages for parts not just for the lines of equipment we carry—but for all of your existing equipment! Contact us online or call us TOLL FREE at 877-426-6112 today!

Industrial Waste Disposal and Management Equipment

When you need to compact and dispose of industrial waste, choose the finest equipment in the Mid-Atlantic. All of our waste management and disposal equipment are easy to operate and made with the finest craftsmanship in the industry.

Our stock of vehicles include:

  • Refuse Trucks
  • Roll Off and Hook Lifts
  • Air Sweepers
  • Sewer and Environmental Equipment
  • Grapple/Knuckleboom Loaders
  • Transfer Trailers/Dump Trucks
  • And more!

Our equipment and fleet of waste management vehicles include front, side, and rear-loading refuse trucks, hoists, trailers, air sweepers, and much more! Visit our individual product pages for videos and photos of our fantastic collection!

Recycling Equipment

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems is a known leader in the recycling equipment industry because of the craftsmanship and technology in our separation and processing equipment. For clean, fast, reliable machinery that won’t quit on the job, choose Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems. Our recycling equipment can break down all kind of metal, wire, and cable scrap, and can accommodate high and low volumes of materials.

Our recycling equipment includes:

  • Hydraulic Shears: We offer both handheld and alligator shears. Each offers reliability, ease of use, and high powered cutting, with the best safety compliances in the business.
  • Wire Granulators: With wire granulators from MG Recycling, you can expect optimal recovery of copper, aluminum, and scrap metals.
  • Wire Stripping Equipment: If you’re looking to turn scrap wire into cash, then you need equipment able to strip anything up to 7 inches. Mid-Atlantic Waste is the exclusive North American distributor for the complete line of Bronneberg wire stripping equipment.
  • Balers: Our balers can compact any material you need compacted, and are designed for durability under the most arduous working conditions while upholding a low maintenance cost.
  • Roll Splitters: For a splitter that will cut through paper, cardboard, plastic, tetra, and aluminum coils, you can count on the Bronneberg roll splitter. Our roll splitters are designed against the latest and highest standard terms of safety, performance, and functionality
  • And more!

Parts and Servicing

We offer parts and accessories for every make and model of equipment we sell, as well as your existing equipment. With seven locations across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, you can find parts for a wide variety of truck, roll-off container and sweepers. Ask about tarps, sewer cameras, and Epoke towed spreaders, too!

You need maximum fuel efficiency, minimum operating costs and every minute of production you can get. Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems is dedicated to extending the life of your refuse vehicle, compactor, and baler. All seven of our branches are equipped to handle service requirements, be they equipment repairs, preventative maintenance, or annual inspections.

The Preferred Industrial Material Handling Equipment in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia

Founded in 1985, Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems has become the preferred supplier of industrial equipment in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Located in Maryland, we have seven full-service facilities across three states, and keep expanding.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems exists not just to make a sale but to give each customer outstanding quality, value, service, and guaranteed satisfaction. As a company, we ensure our customers have an outstanding experience from beginning to end, and continue to return to MAWS for their parts and service needs.

Contact us today for your industrial waste equipment!


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