VACALL AllSweep Street and Runway Sweepers

VACALL AllSweep Street and Runway Sweepers

The New Street Sweeper Standard in High-Performance Cleanup

Vacall AllSweep machines bring new high-performance vacuum technology to the forefront, setting them apart from standard street sweepers.

AllSweep machines have just one engine, reducing fuel consumption emissions, noise and maintenance. Delivering a maximum airflow of 31,000 CFM – the best in the industry – AllSweep models have excellent versatility and are ideal for milling cleanup on road resurfacing projects, and work more efficiently as they clean up bottles, cans and debris from parking lots and event venues, as well as storage areas and airport runways.

Armed with greater power, AllSweep helps municipalities on routine cleanup jobs, quickly removing debris, dirt, loose stones and both wet and dry leaves from culverts, ditches and street curbs

High versatility, high performance, and high value is what sets apart the VACALL AllSweep Street and Runway Sweepers from from the routine street sweeper by its high versatility, high performance and high value. AllSweep models are exceptionally versatile, handling the work of many machines to clean out catch basins as well as parking venues, runways, and leaf collection.

An independent analysis by a certified test lab shows the VACALL AllSweep Street and Runway Sweepers can deliver the best air flow in the industry at a maximum of 31,000 CFM.

Features and benefits of the VACALL AllSweep Street and Runway Sweepers are:

  • Patent-pending design
  • Single or dual system creates a sweep area that’s wider than the width of the vehicle
  • Widest sweep path anywhere
  • One engine powers chassis and cleaner functions, cutting emissions and fuel consumption
  • AllSmartFlow intelligent CAN bus control system improves operating efficiency
  • Optional catch basin cleaner assembly stows out of the way against tailgate
  • Reinforced steel debris tanks withstand bricks, rocks and asphalt millings
  • Optional stainless steel debris tanks carry a lifetime warranty
  • Tailgate opens, closes and locks hydraulically for fast debris dumping
  • New hydrostatic drive system provides constant vacuum, water spraying, and variable drive speeds while maintaining a lower constant engine speed
  • Large water system requires less frequent re-filling and delivers longer run times
  • Control valve compartment provides protection from weather and threat of damage
  • New silencer designed for quieter operation
  • Hydraulic system is conveniently located for ground-level service