VACALL AllExcavate Hydro Excavator

The VACALL AllExcavate Hydro Excavator reflects the superior water pressure and vacuum forces that have established Vacall as an industry leader, efficiently excavating around water lines, sewer lines, and other underground utilities. For optimum operating efficiency and cost control, the VACALL AllExcavate Hydro Excavator is designed using a chassis engine to also provide power for vacuum and jetting functions—a design that slashes fuel consumption, eliminates emissions from a second engine, and reduces costs and downtime for routine maintenance.

In gas and petroleum industry applications, the VACALL AllExcavate Hydro Excavator is a proven performer for infrastructure exposure, frac tank cleanout, tie-ins of new lines, drilling rig cleanup, and mud removal and exposure of manifolds, valves, and risers.

Another popular option on all VACALL AllExcavate Hydro Excavator models is a cold weather package. This feature includes heated cabinetry that encloses the boiler, warming the water for hydro excavation when temperatures drop below freezing.

The VACALL AllExcavate Hydro Excavator offers the following features and benefits:

  • High-pressure water system with rheostat control to vary water volume and capacity output
  • Heated compartment enclosing water system to protect components against freezing
  • Water tanks made of high-quality aluminum for extra strength with a lifetime warranty
  • Large, galvanized steel debris tanks available with lifetime warranty
  • AllSmartFlow™ intelligent control system for more precise adjustments in boom movement
  • Tailgate design featuring a single control to open, close, and lock the tailgate
  • Double-cyclone filtration with simplified design to reduce maintenance, extend performance, and increase working life
  • Rear-mounted boom front-loads debris
  • Optional cold weather package