Snow and Ice Removal Equipment

Snow Plows

We work with you to find the right plow for your specific application. Ask us about mounting options too! We also provide you with the parts and maintenance for your equipment after the sale. Contact your local branch for more information today!

Municipal Plows

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems has the snow plow equipment to keep your roads clear and clean in the winter! We can provide you with the application that suits your needs, and we’ll work with you to be sure you have all of your parts, accessories, and service needs met after the sale!

V-Plow Designs

We offer the quality and convenience of many V-Plow designs that are versatile and convenient! They offer incredible plowing performance along with features that other plow designs can’t compare with. These top of the line plows are perfect for heavy duty trucks and fleets!

The advantages of V-Plow designs include:

  • Reliable for Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Quality Construction
  • Quickly & Easily Serviced
  • Easy To Use Automated Controls

Super Duty Truck Plows

Super Duty Trucks can choose from a wide range of snow plows for different applications. Our sales staff can help you in finding the plow that will benefit you the most.

The advantages of Super Duty Truck plows include:

  • High Quality Components
  • Durable Lasting Performance
  • Quick Attach & Detach Mounting
  • Easily Adjustable

Small Truck Plows

There are a variety of snow plows for small trucks and SUVs, and we’ve got exactly what you need.

The advantages of plows for smaller applications include:

  • Reliable & Fast Performance
  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight & Tough
  • Useful for Small Areas

Spreaders – Mounted Tailgate Spreaders

From tailgate to walk behind spreader, we sell every kind you need! Ask us about installation options too! We are your area distributor for Swenson Spreaders, plus we carry quality models from other companies including Poly Hawk, Ice Hawk, Minivee, S-Series, EV-Series, Buyers, and more!

Mounted Tailgate Spreaders
With large capacity capabilities, these salt spreaders are best suited for Contractors and Municipalities. We offer a variety of tailed mounted spreaders to fit every truck and every application.

The advantages of tailgate mounted spreaders include:

  • Available in 350 to 750lb capacity
  • Powerful Electric Motors
  • Handles a wide range of materials

Pickup Truck Spreaders

Pick-up Truck Spreaders are available in engine drive, electric drive, or hydraulic drive. Whatever your preference is, we’ve got spreader to fit your truck! These spreaders are great for parking lots, driveways, and tight spaces that larger vehicles can’t reach.

The advantages of pick-up truck spreaders include:

  • Designed specifically for pick-up trucks
  • 1.8 to 2.0 cu. yd. capacities
  • Handles a wide range of materials

Medium Duty Spreaders

Medium Duty Spreaders can be used in many applications including parking lots, private communities, housing complexes, hospitals, and colleges & universities. They handle rock salt, salt, sand, mixes, magnesium chloride and more!

The advantages of Medium Duty spreaders include:

  • Designed specifically for medium duty trucks
  • 3.0 to 4.5 cu. yd. capacities
  • Available in auger and drag chain movement systems
  • Engine drive or hydraulic drive

Tailgate Spreaders

Tailgate Spreaders are designed for dump bodies and they replace standard tailgates. These are most used for parking lots, roads, and highways while using a large variety of materials to keep the roads clear.

The advantages of Tailgate spreaders include:

  • Designed for medium duty to tandem axle dump trucks
  • Easily converts a dump body to a spreader
  • Available in electric drive or hydraulic drive

V-Box Spreaders

V-Box Spreaders are typically used for roads, highways, and parking lots. These durable and heavy duty spreaders use electrical power from the truck itself. They are perfect for general spreading with a range of materials.

The advantages of V-Box Spreaders include:

  • Electric Drive, Hydraulic Drive, or Gas Engine Options
  • Handles virtually all materials
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Available in different lengths from 9′-22′

Push Spreaders

Push Spreaders are perfect for clearing sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots – and you won’t need a vehicle to do it! The efficient push spreaders can be used year-round for all seasons – salt, sand, grass seed, and fertilizer!

The advantages of Push spreaders include:

  • Includes Hopper Cover
  • 70 to 100lb capacity
  • Frame available in different durable materials
  • Handles a wide range of materials