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KANN Versa-Haul Recycling Truck

Kann Recycling Truck

As the name implies, the all-welded aluminum or steel KANN Versa-Haul is an extremely versatile recycling truck. The standard Versa-Haul incorporates a multi-compartment design with curb and street side loading capabilities, adjustable height loading doors, bulkhead partitioned compartment separation and simple end dump unloading.

The KANN Versa-Haul comes in many different trailer- and chassis-mounted configurations to fit most any application. The trailer-mounted model lends itself to residential curbside as well as drop-off recycling collection programs. The chassis-mounted models are perfect for residential curbside collection programs where two or more commodities need to be collected using one operator and one truck.

The KANN Versa-Haul can be purchased either in an open- or closed-top configuration with a variety of options and features, some of the most popular of which are: adjustable bulkhead partition(s) that allows compartment volumes to be adjusted as required, semi-automated over-the-top drop-in loading, and a hydraulically-operated tailgate.


• 9-24 FT body lengths
• Variable 8 IN-5 FT compartment sizes; 1-12 compartments
• Loading height 24 IN above frame height
• 45° dump angle
• 30,000 LB maximum hoist capacity
• 6 IN double acting hoist cylinder
• Bulkhead latch assembly is a 2 point release system; locked in position with spring loaded pins, operated from street side
• Spring loaded, stainless steel door handles
• Adjustable loading doors have 5 positions
• Direct mount gear pump
• 7.5 GAL hydraulic reservoir with suction screen and in line filter (20 GAL with compactor)
• Automatic reset circuit breaker
• Protective cable or conduit wiring
• Gravity tailgate
• PTO hydraulic pump


• 25,500-29,000 GVWR chassis recommended with 34-37 IN frame height
• 8000-10,000 LB front; 17,500 -19,000 LB rear • 34-37 IN frame height
• Open top
• Open top with roll tarp
• Elevated hard top
• Raised flat top
• Square plastics cage
• Fold down steps/handle package
Curb side stand up cab conversion
Hydraulic tailgate
Ship loose


• Installed in front of most KANN side loaders and competitor side and rear loaders to separate additional commodity (typically recyclables)
• Side Dump plastics compactor: continuous cycle, hoist mounted lift to dump, and dump (21 YD3 of uncompacted milk jugs compacted into 1 YD3)
• Side Dump cardboard compactor: eject only
• Side Dump container