Rausch Laser Pipe Profiling Inspection Systems

Rausch KS135 Laser Pipe Profiling Inspection Systems

  • KS135 Scan:The Mainline TV Camera – Range: 5.5″ to 60″ pipe diameter, 280° pan, infinite 360° rotation, Auto & Manual Focus, Auto & Manual Iris, 10X Optical Zoom and 12X Digital Zoom (120:1), Auto homing, Four (4) Long Range high-power LED lights, Six (6) Short Range high-power LED lights, Quick-connect military-style cardanic C-connector, cam-locked to tractor with protected contacts, Nitrogen-pressurized for moisture protection with sensor-leak detection, No exposed wires, cables, or contacts, Additional lighting can be directly mounted on camera head (no exposed wires)
  • Tractor L 135 Tractor Platform: Application Range: 5.5″ to 60″ pipe diameter, Studio controlled electric lift, Two powerful motors for steerable 4-wheel drive, Anti-rollover feature with on/off control, Variable speed, joystick controlled, Inclination sensor, Automated & sensor-controlled synchronization to main cable reel, Weight: 43lbs; length: 20.5″; diameter: 5.4″, Material: anodized brass, fully CNC-machined from a solid block, Extremely quick set-up time for various pipe sizes, Cardanic military style heavy-duty connector to main cable, Mechanical ‘quick-lock’ connector to all cameras and modules – no exposed wires or contacts, Nitrogen-Pressurized for leak protection with sensor-leak detection, Complete wheel sets for various pipe conditions, Stackable tires can be placed over currently equipped tires for faster set up, Integrated locater transmitter (33kHz or 512Hz), Integrated Rear View Color Camera, Additional weights (maximum of 40 lbs.)
  • ECO STAR 400: The ECO STAR 400 SCU is engineered to facilitate most applications with this unit without the need of any add-ons, thus making the ECO STAR 400 our most popular and economic SCU. Rausch’s Mainline Inspection, Lateral Launch, Laser Profiling and Joint Pressure Testing System can all be operated by the ECO STAR 400 SCU, making this the only SCU you’ll ever need. Features include: Portable & built-in options, Compact hard case design, Powers up to 1,300 ft of main cable and 550 ft lateral cable, Integrated 10-inch monitor, Built-in equipment commands, Auto-focus, Zoom commands, Application functions, Dual joysticks controls
  • Elka 600 Motorized Cable Reel for Mainline CCTV Inspection Systems, Lateral Launch CCTV Inspection Systems, Laser Pipe Profiling Systems. Features include: Telescopic swivel crane arm, Electric chain hoist, Fully synchronized to camera tractor, Powerful electric motor, Cross-lead spindle for neat cable winding, Cable slack detection, Auto cable payout, Integrated electric brake, LED Overhead Spot Light, Cable guiding and cleaning system, Emergency stop button, Rear pendant, Rack mounted with drawer and slide