WasteQuip Backpack Container

The WasteQuip Backpack Container provided by WasteQuip boasts unique and effective features to make the disposal, collection and transportation of waste material hassle-free for FEL vehicles. The design utilizes a patent-pending slant that improves handling and reduces the risk of spillage when emptying. The WasteQuip Backpack Container was designed ergonomically, for a safe and simple disposal method.

The WasteQuip Backpack Container was intentionally designed for use with the BiobiN filtration system, but is fully capable of operating as a stand-alone container. It is effective for containing most organic waste, wet refuse, unwanted materials and unusable trash.

The WasteQuip Backpack Container Is Strong, Safe and Uniquely Designed

The slanted design of the WasteQuip Backpack Container is safer, and simpler than standard containers. It features an ergonomically-minded load height of 28” (as opposed to the standard 53”), and a hinged at the side plastic lid for ease of access. The Backpack can be loaded manually by personnel, or with the use of a cart tipper.

The WasteQuip Backpack Container is three cubic yards in size, with a capacity of 2.4 cubic yards. When tipped to a 35 degree angle, the slanted design shows its ingenuity, increasing the capacity to 2.86 cubic yards to prevent spilling waste materials.

The WasteQuip Backpack Container has endured extensive field testing for both heavy use and weather, to ensure a durable and dependable container. It is additionally protected with a 12 mil coating to proof against rust and corrosion, and can withstand long term use.

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Since 1989, WasteQuip has built a steadfast and strong reputation as a provider of quality waste handling equipment. With top quality, innovative solutions and an extensive presence in North America, Mid Atlantic had an easy choice in choosing to work alongside WasteQuip in providing organics collection equipment. WasteQuip as a business prizes innovation, and has carved a path utilizing their extensive manufacturing expertise.

WasteQuip Backpack Container Specifications

The Backpack is used in the collection and temporary storage of organic waste materials, discarded trash and unusable materials. The high-grade steel container was designed with safety in mind, and features a easy-to-access load height of 28”. The container is fitted with a side-hinged plastic lid for simple operation.

Length: 80”

Width: 53”

Height: 73 1/4”

Capacity: 2.4 cubic yards

Gross approximate weight (empty): 1050 lbs