BiobiN Organics Collection System

The BiobiN Organics Collection System offered by WasteQuip uses a patented biofiltration system to improve waste management, collection and storage. The collection system creates an aerobic environment (free-moving oxygen) to reduce odors and minimize the risk of pest infestation and attraction. The BiobiN reduces the number of needed pickups, assisting in the reduction of carbon emission, and minimizing hauling costs.

BiobiN is an ideal product for use in the reduction of operation costs, improving sustainability in waste collection. WasteQuip’s BiobiN is not intended as a standalone product, instead coming as a complete package working in tandem with a Wastequip specialty steel collection container.

BiobiN Is a Simple Solution for Improving Sustainability

The system was designed to address common issues associated with commercial organics recycling and storage, specifically for use in handling food and organic waste. It is part of a systems-based solution to reduce odor, remedy contamination and improve health and appearance.

While the BiobiN is intended for use with WasteQuip specialty steel containers, it can be fitted to various sizes and styles of containers between 2 and 25 yards in size. The container is securely locked, preventing hazardous contamination and odor.

The system utilizes a safe, simple operation method; only requiring a basic 110V outlet and no installation. It does not require liners or bags, and operation is nearly silent.

Organics Collection Solutions with Mid Atlantic Waste

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Since 1989, WasteQuip has built a steadfast and strong reputation as a provider of quality waste handling equipment. With top quality, innovative solutions and an extensive presence in North America, Mid Atlantic had an easy choice in choosing to work alongside WasteQuip in providing organics collection equipment. WasteQuip as a business prizes innovation, and has carved a path utilizing their extensive manufacturing expertise.

WasteQuip Organics Collection System Specifications

The system is a quiet, easily maintained and operated machine for use with managing organic waste materials. The system is easy to maintain, requiring only a basic filter change, and the system works with ASTM 6400 compostable liners. Container locks to reduce possible instances of contamination, removing concerns regarding common pests such as rodents, insects and vermin.

Length: 40”

Width: 23 3/4”

Height: 33 1/2”

Weight: 170 lbs

Voltage: 110 V

Motor size: 1 HP

BiobiN is in both standing and wall-mounted options.