Organics Collection

Heil PT1000 w/ Organics Option

Heil’s PT 1000 offers the fruit of 60 years of cumulative engineering effort. The PT 1000 boasts a 15-second cycle time, and a reload time of under 6 seconds. These features are backed by high-tensile steel constructed hydraulics components, a 3 cubic yard hopper, and a payload density exceeding 1,000 lbs per cubic yard. The PT 1000 includes a one-piece body constructed to resist rust and corrosion, simplify washing and outer maintenance, and make signage simple. It is capable of fitting a wide array of container handling devices, providing versatility regardless of your project type or size.

WasteQuip Backpack Container

The Backpack Container from WasteQuip is a three-yard containment vessel designed for the handling of organic waste. The container features safe and simple disposal, with a load height of 28”, and utilizes a unique slant design to avoid spillage during drop off. The Organics Backpack is designed for the use of FEL (Front End Load) vehicles, and can be used either as a stand alone or in conjunction with the BiobiN Biofiltration System. The container can be loaded by hand, or by use of a cart tipper and is hinged at the side with a plastic lid. Organics Backpack is extreme weather tested, utilizing a 12 mil protective coating to proof against rust and corrosion.


The BiobiN is an Organics Collection System that provides sustainability to waste collection. It features a patented biofiltration system to reduce odors and the frequency of pest accumulation between collections. By reducing the number of necessary collections, BiobiN assists in reducing transport costs, fees and emissions. The container is sealed to prevent outside contaminants, does not use messy liners or bags, and reduces waste volume. It is easy to operate, requiring a simple 110V outlet, and requires no installation. BiobiN works alongside a multitude of collection containers, ranging from 2-25 yard containers. BiobiN works in conjunction with WasteQuip containers, and is not intended as a standalone unit.

WasteQuip Roll-Off Container

Provided in 20, 30 or 40 cubic yard sizes, WasteQuip Roll-Off Containers are effective for mass organic waste collection and holding. A variety of hook configurations are available for various hauler needs. CAM or ratchet rear door closing device secures the container. Lacking an outside rail, the smooth exterior of the tub-style promotes effective and safe stacking for ease of transport. Both standard and heavy duty options are available, with 10 and 7 gauge sides respectively. Heavy-duty rectangular roll-off containers are built to withstand the most heavy-duty and demanding waste-disposal projects. Standard, Heavy Duty, and Extra Heavy Duty are all available according to the demands and needs of your project.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems provides equipment for Organics Collection, storage and transportation. With the Heil line of bodies, WasteQuip containers, and the BiobiN, we have your Organics Collection covered. Speak with your local Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems representative today and learn more about the full line of Organics Collection products we have available and what best fits your application. We offer:

Why have separate containers for organic waste collection? By using BiobiN alongside our containers you are keeping organic waste out of landfills. It minimizes odors, reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, and decreases waste collection costs. Browse our selection and contact us for more information!