Heil Rapid Rail® Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck

Heil Rapid Rail Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck

No one has more experience with refuse trucks than Heil, and no other product of theirs has a longer track record than the Heil Rapid Rail® Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck. Even after 30 years, the Rapid Rail continues to be the standard to which all other refuse trucks are compared. It’s lengthy reach capability, fast cycle times, continuous packing, and solid structural design make it a productive and efficient choice for large or small automated refuse collection.

The Heil Rapid Rail® Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck is a continuous-pack side loader garbage truck that sets the standard in the industry, making it the perfect choice. It has a 1,600 pound lift capacity, and allows for residential, commercial or multi-family collection while handling anywhere from 30-400 gallon refuse containers all day long with no problem. Its powerful arm has virtually zero kick out to allow for operation in the tightest of spaces, and has an 8-second cycle time for industry-leading productivity, all in combination with the lightest weight body in the industry.

Heil’s exclusive lift geometry provides a direct line to the hopper, without the “kick-out” other systems have, so the Rapid Rail side loader can pick up where other vehicles can’t. Add to that an 8-foot reach, a 1,600-pound lift capacity, and an 8-second cycle time, and you’ve got a quick, efficient vehicle that can collect trash from over 1,000 homes per day.

The Heil Rapid Rail® Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck has a patented paddle packer that continuously sweeps the 3 cubic yard hopper, so the operator can continue collecting his route while the paddle packer cleans the hopper, saving time and increasing productivity, because the operator does not have to wait between stops for it to finish. This design also adds convenience because the operator doesn’t have to clean behind the packer blade.

Available in 8 different body sizes from 16 to 32 cubic yards with single axle or tandem axle and all models tilt to dump, the available Heil Rapid Rail® Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck configurations provide one of the most flexible automated systems on the market today.

The Heil Rapid Rail® Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck has been designed with the following unique features chosen based on years of customer feedback with the goal of making it both durable, and easy to maintain and operate.

  • Rapid Rail® Automated Lift is a proven, efficient, and reliable automated lift which dumps using a straight-up, vertical motion with the capability to handle containers from 30 gallons up to 300 gallons, making it an ideal solution for both commercial and residential.
  • Service Smart™ Design simplifies routine maintenance to increase your time servicing your customers with features like soft-shift valves, proximity switches, and a cable carrier that houses all the arm’s hydraulic hoses.
  • Rapid Rail® Grabber Gears made from specially formulated high-strength, low-alloy steel virtually eliminate all wear on the gears. They are splined to the grabber shafts and can be cycled up to 1,000,000 times with nearly no evidence of wear.
  • Patented Paddle Packer that continuously sweeps the hopper, eliminating the need to stop and pack the load, as well as clean out debris behind the packer blade.
  • Unique Lift Geometry enables the Rapid Rail to get in and out of tight spaces easily.
  • Operate-in-Gear-at-Idle System provides quiet, fuel-efficient operation that greatly reduces noise while helping you finish routes up to 20 percent faster, saving up to one gallon of fuel per hour, and reducing wear and tear.
  • Easy-to-Access Hydraulics installed in Service Smart™ locations make them readily accessible from the ground for easy maintenance. Twin packer cylinders are located under the body to help protect them from refuse contamination, and the Rapid Rail uses only two cylinders while other bodies need four cylinders to raise, lower, and lock the tailgate.
  • Patented Packer Design with No Packer Panel continuously sweeps the hopper and packs the load so the operator can keep collecting without stopping to cycle the packer. This also creates less component wear and tear and you never have to clean out behind the packer.

Outstanding Visibility for operators, enabling them to drive from the preferred left-hand side of the truck, while providing flexibility in selecting a cab style, either cab-over or conventional style.