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Pac-Mac Mini RL Series Rear Loader Garbage Truck

Pac-Mac Mini RL Series Rear Loader Garbage Truck

Category: Refuse Trucks

Type: Rear Loader

Manufacturer: Pac-Mac

The Pac-Mac Mini RL Series Rear Loader Garbage Truck is designed for the collection of waste in particularly difficult-to-access and specialized areas. The Mini-Rear Loader is easier to maneuver, making it more able to access areas that larger equipment cannot. Smaller, yet just as powerful, the Mini-Rear Loader is frequently used on university campuses, parks and playgrounds. Its 4×4 configuration makes it perfect for beaches or in snowy conditions where other trucks have issues with traction.

Because of its maneuverability and short load-time, the Pac-Mac Mini RL Series Rear Loader Garbage Truck is frequently used as a back-up for missed stops that the bigger trucks could not access. They are often preferred in upscale neighborhoods where massive waste collection equipment cannot reach. Due to the lower weight class, a CDL is not required for operation which allows for flexibility in cases of an emergency pickup. The Mini-Rear Loader is excellent for training new employees who may be in the process of obtaining their CDL licensing for larger equipment.

Dimensions of the Pac-Mac Mini

The Pac-Mac Mini RL Series Rear Loader Garbage Truck comes in a choice of 6, 8 and 10 cubic feet of body capacity. The rear receiving hopper on each model accommodates one full cubic yard of material with its 63-inch interior width. The body length and weight of the Mini-Rear Loaders depends on the model selected. The length of the smallest version with a 6-cubic yard capacity is 162 inches. The 8 and 10-cubic capacity models are 186 and 210 inches, respectively. The body weight of the 6, 8 and 10 cubic foot versions are 7,235 pounds,  7,680 lbs and 8,120 lbs.

The body width on each models is 87 inches and the height of each version with the tailgate closed is 69 inches. The minimum GVWR for the chassis for Mini-Rear Loaders is 17,000, 19,500 and 21,000 pounds for the 6, 8, and 10-cubic foot capacity models. The body and chassis combined is approximately 50% lighter in weight and substantially shorter than the full-sized Pac-Mac Rear Loaders, making it easy to fit in places that larger models cannot.

Small, Yet Rugged

Pac-Mac Mini-Rear Loaders are solidly built with extra-strength steel construction throughout. The hopper, tailgate, packer panel and tail panel are crafted with 3/16-inch T1 steel. The roof, sidewalls and other sections of the body are composed of 10-gauge high-tensile steel for ruggedness and durability.

Fast and Efficient Operation

The Mini-Rear Loader performs quickly and efficiently. A complete packing cycle is performed in only 16 seconds with a reload cycle of just 7 seconds. Depending on the route configuration, the Mini-Rear Loader could handle dozens of stops in an hour.

Additional Equipment for the Pac-Mac Mini Rear Loader

Because Mini-Rear Loaders operate in tight spaces, it is critical that the driver is fully aware of what is happening around the vehicle. And it is equally important that individuals nearby are aware of the vehicle’s presence and alerted to potential movement. For safety, such elements as back up cameras, strobes , LED and warning lights may be added.