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Pac-Mac KB-20 Knuckle Boom Truck

Pac-Mac KB-20 Knuckle Boom Truck

Category: Knuckleboom / Bulk -Grapple Loaders

Manufacturer: Pac-Mac

Pac-Mac’s® KB-20 Knuckle Boom Truck is your solution for loading and hauling solid waste and debris. Designed to be operated by a single pilot, the KB Series features user-friendly joystick controls for the most efficient workstation environment. The KB-20 functions in the solid waste and forestry industries, and is ideal for loading applications, from refuse collection to tree care service. With a variety of options for boom length and trailer capacity, this unit can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Pac-Mac’s® KB-20 Knuckle Boom Truck can be further customized with specialty added features. Mega Tooth Grapple Blades add high-strength gripping power for heavy duty debris. The Side Arm Hopper can lift and dump up to 500 pounds of waste into the trailer. The Shuttle option is an operator station positioned on a rotating platform for the most precise boom operation.

Pac-Mac’s® KB-20 Knuckle Boom Truck standard features include:

  • Tip Boom Cylinder provides hydraulic cushioning/deceleration when fully stroking in either direction to reduce mechanical impact on boom structure
  • Hoses Enclosed within boom structure
  • Pilot Operated Check Valves integrated into boom and outrigger cylinders for safety
  • Hydraulic Piloted Operated Joysticks
  • H-Style Outrigger
  • Smooth Pads for minimal street damage
  • US DOT Standard Bumper for rear impact protection
  • Outboard Frame-Mounted Twin Telescopic Body Dump Cylinders, single acting or double acting
  • 45° Body Tilt
  • GXL Wire with labeling enclosed in braided nylon loom

Pac-Mac’s® KB-20 Knuckle Boom Truck special options include:

  • Ability to lift and dump up to 500 lbs.
  • Carriage construction using a track and steel roller bearings
  • Boom constructed of high-strength steel tubing
  • Hopper with the ability to hold a 1 cubic yard capacity
  • Lift cylinder incorporating integral holding valves to prevent boom from falling in instance of hose rupture
  • Dedicated hydraulic control valve
  • Greasable pivot points for longer life
  • Hopper stored under body allowing body capacity to remain the same
  • Operational while boom in stowed position
  • Can be used with a KBF-20H Series Loader and TKB-1824, TKB-1925 or TKB-2030