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Heil PT 1000™ Rear Load Garbage Truck

Heil PT 1000™ Rear Load Garbage Truck

Category: Refuse Trucks

Type: Rear Loader

Manufacturer: Heil

Backed by more than 60 years of knowledge, experience and superior engineering, Heil’s PT 1000™ Rear Load Garbage Truck is both innovative and affordable, featuring fast cycle times, impressive payload, and a best in class hopper. Safe, simple and smart, the Heil PT 1000™ is an effective solution for specific or general use, and is well-suited to long-term or occasional commercial projects. The Heil PT 1000™ Rear Loader can safely handle most forms of organic waste, general refuse and debris with ease, providing excellent performance where you need it most with a number of sleek features.

With a 15-second cycle time, a reload time of less than 6 seconds, and a large 3-cubic yard hopper, the Heil PT 1000™ Rear Load Garbage Truck outperforms everything else in its class and suits just about any collection need because of its ability to be equipped with a variety of container handling devices. Packing forces that take full advantage of Heil’s experience in high-pressure hydraulics and lighter weight, high-tensile steel construction

The Heil PT 1000™ Rear Load Garbage Truck features that is the best in its class, making it the ideal vehicle for those occasional commercial pick-ups. It can be equipped with a variety of container handling devices to suit just about any collection need. It also offers a payload density of up to 1,000 pounds per cubic yard, and a one-piece body sidewall that not only looks better, but also is easier to wash and maintain, resists rust and corrosion, and provides a smooth surface for signage.

The Heil PT 1000™ Rear Loader is available in 13, 16, 18, 20, and 25 cubic yard models. Body sizes 20 cubic yards and smaller may be equipped as single axle models, which are FET exempt.

Heil PT 1000™ Rear Load Garbage Truck gives proven rear loader performance with:

  • High Capacity 3.0 Cubic Yard Hopper optimizes productivity and easily handles waste materials of all sizes
  • More Compaction Force per square inch with maximum capacity system pressure while delivering faster cycle times
  • Power Distribution Electrical Control Box offers simple diagnostics and repair of wiring issues
  • Optimized Body Weight with a payload density of up to 1,000 pounds per cubic yard and a body sidewall constructed of single sheet, high-tensile steel
  • Smooth Sides provide optimal signage space for advertising
  • Service Smart™ Design enable longer component life while keeping the lowest total cost of ownership in mind through easy-to-access UHMW wear parts
  • Large Side Door offers ease of access for maintenance inside the body
  • Superior 3-micron Filtration System keeps hydraulic oil cleaner and extends the life of the hydraulic components
  • One-hand Manual Controls allow for full control of the packing cycle