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Heil PowerTrak® Commercial Rear Load Garbage Truck

Heil PowerTrak® Commercial Rear Load Garbage Truck

Category: Refuse Trucks

Type: Rear Loader

Manufacturer: Heil

With a compaction rate of up to 1,200 pounds per cubic yard, 21-second cycle time, 7- to 9-second reloading time and a huge 3.64 cubic yard hopper, the Heil PowerTrak® Commercial Rear Load Garbage Truck handles it all! And that’s not just trash talk. When you factor in low maintenance cost, lack of downtime, overall efficiency, life span, and high trade-in value, the PowerTrak Commercial rear loader delivers the best return on investment in the solid waste industry. Simply put, you will earn more because you will haul more.

The Heil PowerTrak® Commercial Rear Load Garbage Truck has a revolutionary patented dual-track packing system that gives the top cylinder its own track, significantly reducing the angle of resistance and friction, as well as increasing cycle times and offering long life from the aluminum/bronze alloy slide shoes. A PLUS Model is also available for areas with stringent weight restrictions, enabling maximum productivity by carrying the largest legal loads and offers an optional fifth pusher axle to carry even more legal payload. Operators can adjust both the front and tag axle loads, and can lift the tag axle when it’s not in use. Available in 25 and 32 Yard Models.

The Heil PowerTrak® Commercial Rear Load Garbage Truck is built on the time-tested DuraPack® body offering many more performance advantages:

  • Superior Payload Density with high-pressure hydraulics and the dual-track design exert more force on the trash and less on the truck, providing superior compaction up to 1,200 pounds per cubic yard
  • High Capacity 3.64 Cubic Yard Hopper to handle construction, demolition, and bulk waste with ease while increasing productivity
  • Durability and Longevity due to Heil’s exclusive fully welded interlaced subframe that resists abrasion, corrosion, and salt damage, along with a body constructed of 7- to 8-gauge high-tensile strength steel and a hopper featuring AR400 steel
  • Tailored Training specific to the vehicles you operate help your mechanics and operators make the most of your investment
  • Extra Packing Power delivered by high-pressure hydraulics that reduce friction without sacrificing performance. 2,500 psi operating pressure and smaller cylinders can deliver extra punch with faster cycle times than other commercial rear loaders, packing up to 1,200 pounds per cubic yard.
  • Easy Maintenance with hydraulic tubes that are routed inside rear bolsters for added protection, yet are easily accessible for service
  • Reversible Ejector Shoes that are easy to service and changed without removing the ejector panel
  • Lower Overall Weight provided by a high-tensile strength steel construction delivers maximum life with low body weight for better payloads and less stress on chassis components. For added durability, AR400 steel is used in areas of the tailgate that are subject to the greatest stress and wear.
  • Flexibility to not only handle commercial waste, but also residential collection