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Heil Half/Pack® Odyssey Residential Front Load Garbage Truck

Heil Half/Pack® Odyssey Residential Front Load Garbage Truck

Category: Refuse Trucks

Type: Front Loader

Manufacturer: Heil

The Heil Half/Pack® Odyssey Residential Front Load Garbage Truck handles residential routes effortlessly. The optional, integrated CNrG system moves Odyssey’s CNG tanks from the roof to the tailgate, making it lower and offering extended range without split-system expense. It is also available with the traditional top-mount CNG system. No other residential front-loader features Odyssey’s smart design, with all of its systems working together to reduce the total cost of operation. It’s more efficient, easier to operate, easier to service, and less likely to need service in the first place.

Available in 20 – 32 yards, with a large 12 Yard Hopper providing 32 – 44 Cubic Yard capacity, the Heil Half/Pack® Odyssey Residential Front Load Garbage Truck features a refined hydraulic and electronic control system for maximum efficiency, reliability and precise control. The Commercial Odyssey Front Load Garbage Truck also has a single, easy-to-use joystick that requires minimal effort to operate, which saves time and increases productivity.

Heil Half/Pack® Odyssey Residential Front Load Garbage Truck includes:

  • Multifunction joystick controls arm-lifting functions and carry-can functions to maximize ergonomics while requiring minimal effort to operate for ease of training and increased productivity
  • Insight Display offers optimal control, real-time feedback, and advanced troubleshooting features for efficient operation and reduced downtime and maintenance
  • Streetwise Hydraulics design provides improved safety, reliability and reduced downtime by improving access to the valve bodies and reducing the effects of heat on hydraulic components
  • Newly designed Fork Cradle picks cans up at multiple height levels, decreases operator fatigue, reduces wheel damage on carts and cab shake and allows for height adjustment of the Curotto-Can
  • Cortex Mobile Controller in a protected location provides durability, intelligence and precision control
  • Autolift Feature with automated dumping cycle reduces spillage and operator error while providing smooth emptying of Curotto-Can into hopper to improve productivity and reduce training time for new operators
  • Load-Sense Piston Pump increases efficiency, reduces fuel consumption and lowers hydraulic system temperatures by controlling hydraulic flow and delivering the right amount of oil at the right time


The Currotto Can Automated Carry Can has the fastest load time of any automated system on the market and delivers a proven 25% to 30% productivity advantage over automated side loaders. By using the robust reliability of a front loader, this carry can delivers game-changing performance that will enable you to service more customers, more quickly, in more applications.

The main benefits of the Currotto Can Automated Carry Can are:

  • 4-5 seconds from wheel stop to wheel go
  • 20% greater fuel efficiency (less packing and idling)
  • Ability to navigate cul-de-sacs up to 20% faster
  • Easy to remove and replace arms in 2 minutes
  • No prox or limit switches / No logic or driver cards
  • Eliminates cost of cart loss & damage
  • Eyes always forward operation, enhanced safety
  • Operators can preview material before it is packed
  • Hopper is 4x larger than ASL (large bulk capable)
  • Loads bulk material, eliminates chase vehicle need
  • Can be used as a commercial front loader
  • Never have to replace a floor from packer wear