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Heil Half/Pack® Commercial Odyssey Front Load Garbage Truck

Heil Half/Pack® Commercial Odyssey Front Load Garbage Truck

Category: Refuse Trucks

Type: Front Loader

Manufacturer: Heil

The Heil Half/Pack® Commercial Odyssey Front Load Garbage Truck sets a new standard for automated front loaders. It comes with all the features your business demands, and it takes your refuse collection vehicle places you never thought it could go, handling both residential and commercial routes with ease. No other truck features Odyssey’s smart design, with all of its systems working together to reduce the total cost of operation. It’s more efficient, easier to operate, easier to service, and less likely to need service in the first place.

Available in 20 – 32 yards, with a large 12 Yard Hopper providing 32 – 44 Cubic Yard capacity, the Heil Half/Pack® Commercial Odyssey Front Load Garbage Truck features a refined hydraulic and electronic control system for maximum efficiency, reliability and precise control. The Commercial Odyssey Front Load Garbage Truck also has a single, easy-to-use joystick that requires minimal effort to operate, which saves time and increases productivity.

Heil Half/Pack® Commercial Odyssey Front Load Garbage Truck includes:

  • Single, easy-to-operate ergonomic joystick that provides operator precision control
  • Insight Display offers optimal control, real-time feedback, and advanced troubleshooting features for efficient operation and reduced downtime and maintenance
  • Streetwise Hydraulics design provides improved safety, reliability and reduced downtime by improving access to the valve bodies and reducing the effects of heat on hydraulic components
  • Cortex with Insight Display utilizes a mobile controller to provide intelligence, ease of use, durability, and reduced downtime
  • Interlaced Subframe consisting of interlocking cross-members creates a strong and solid body foundation for unparalleled  strength, endurance, and a higher resale value
  • Load-Sense Piston Pump increases efficiency, reduces fuel consumption and lowers hydraulic system temperatures by controlling hydraulic flow and delivering the right amount of oil at the right time
  • Refined Hydraulics and Electronic Controls for maximum productivity, efficiency, and reliability
  • In-Cylinder Sensors give effortless control and reduced maintenance
  • Shur-LockTM Tailgate reduces seepage with fail-safe locking of the tailgate that can be operated from inside the cab