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3rd Eye Camera: Advanced Fleet Management Truck Camera System

3rd Eye Camera: Advanced Fleet Management Truck Camera System

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The 3rd Eye Camera is the tool you need to modify your driver’s behavior, reduce, accident costs and increase revenue with the following features:

  • Up to 8 cameras recording nonstop
  • Live video streaming
  • AVL/Geo-fencing
  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Remote Software Updates
  • Customized Reporting

The 3rd Eye Camerawill capture a driver’s unsafe actions, allowing managment to coach the driver to be safer and more efficient with the following benefits:

  • Improved event display w/ 8 cameras
  • Events can be used for training
  • Exonerate drivers when not at fault
  • Site summaries by categories
  • Driver observations by category/date
  • Identify and assess risk factors
  • Lower accident costs
  • Video review center in Dallas, TX

The 3rd Eye Camera’s video analytic software gives you unmatched awareness of what is happening with your vehicles and your drivers at all times. Built directly ino the system, companies will benefit from data being recorded and verified, such as:

  • Speed limit sign detection
  • Traffic sign detection (stop sign/light)
  • Vehicle proximity detection (tailgating)
  • Distractions (smoking, cell phone use)
  • Vehicle and driving lane recognition

Value for your company:

  • GPS Functionality and Fleet Efficiency
  • Telematics and Maintenance Efficiencies
  • Objective Coaching and Training Measurable
  • Industry Specific Enhanced Revenue Opportunities
  • Reducing Direct and Indirect Safety Costs
  • Exoneration of Liability
  • Protection of Fleet Assets
  • Reduced Cost of Incidents – Direct and Indirect
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduced Downtime and Emergency Maintenance
  • Improved Cost of Safety & Training
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Service Verification
  • Potential Insurance Carrier Support
  • Additional Management Data

Driver Benefits:

  • Protects the Driver and Company
  • Non-Preventable Collisions
  • False Accusations or Customer Claims
  • Specific Training Needs Identified
  • Decreases Fatality Rate
  • Protects the Driver’s Livelihood
  • Increases Driver Retention