Dulevo Street Sweeper

Dulevo 850 Mini Street Sweeper

Dulevo 850 Mini: A sweeper for city centers and the environment

The Dulevo 850 Street Sweeper is designed for the heart of the city and environment, combining remarkable sweeping capability with excellent maneuverability and is designed to reach even the most difficult areas in cities. Thanks to its hourly output, the Dulevo 850 suction road sweeper is the ideal solution for city centres and all those areas that are difficult to reach with a traditional sweeper, such as:pavements, stations, cycling paths, pedestrian areas, car parks and parks.

Thanks to its central hinge, the Dulevo 850 Street Sweeper is able to maintain its position even when fully loaded and when operating on uneven ground, thus ensuring high levels of operator safety and comfort. The Dulevo 850 is designed to work, regardless of even surfaces. As with all other Dulevo sweepers, the cabin design is well thought out with regard to comfort, accessibility, and ergonomic intuitive controls.

The Dulevo 850 Street Sweeper is a maneuverable, ecological and silent sweeper that combines excellent sweeping capabilities with reduced size. It is designed for easy unloading into bins or compactors, reducing work time and improving city cleanliness. It also complies with all legislative gaseous and sound emission requirements. The extremely silent engine and special sweeping system minimize environmental impact and render sound emissions practically unnoticeable.

Dulevo 5000 Road Sweeper

Dulevo 5000: A maneuverable, affordable and reliable sweeper

The Dulevo 5000 Street Sweeper combines maneuverability, affordability and reliability, while simultaneously offering truly superior sweeping quality. Able to meet all your necessary requirements, this sweeper guarantees total control over fine particles, maximum productivity and low maintenance costs.

A sweeper designed for road and industrial cleaning, the Dulevo 5000 has been designed to sweep both urban and industrial areas, such as cement works, construction companies, grocery markets, ports and airports, guaranteeing ecological and efficient operation in all settings.

The Dulevo 5000 Street Sweeper is perfect for either use in indoor or outdoor, wet or dry operation. Compact, silent, comfortable, attractive and easy to drive, the Dulevo 5000 has set a new standard for driving comfort and state-of-the-art technologies for cabin noise reduction. Four-wheel, synchronised and hydraulic steering makes this road sweeper highly maneuverable, even in the most complex situations.

The Dulevo 5000 offers an optionalGORE® filter, which is the best solution on the market for the elimination of fine particles. The GORE® filter is super resistant, 100% cleaning, 99% elimination of PM10 particles, in compliance with EPA and EURO regulations, the Dulevo 5000 street sweeper is the world’s best machine for fine particle control.