Curotto Can: Automated Carry Can

Curotto Can

The Curotto Can Automated Carry Can has the fastest load time of any automated system on the market and delivers a proven 25% to 30% productivity advantage over automated side loaders. By using the robust reliability of a front loader, this carry can delivers game-changing performance that will enable you to service more customers, more quickly, in more applications.

The Curotto Can Automated Carry Can key features are:

  • Fastest load time available — 4–5 seconds from wheel stop to wheel go
  • 20% greater fuel efficiency due to less packing and idling
  • Navigate cul-de-sacs up to 20% faster
  • Eliminate cart loss and associated costs
  • Eyes-forward operation reduces risks for repetitive stress injuries and enhances operator and public safety
  • Reduce contamination rates to less than 5%
  • Larger payload means fewer trips to the landfill or recycling center
  • Load bulk material and eliminate the need for a chase truck
  • Convert any commercial front loader to a residential collection unit in minutes