CNG – Compressed Natural Gas Options

Heil CNrG

Heil’s innovative, fully integrated CNrG tailgate fuel delivery system will revolutionize the way you use CNG refuse collection vehicles. It offers extended range without the cost of a split system, and it reduces fueling frequency to simplify logistics. CNrG offers a lower profile, enabling CNG-equipped trucks to make height-sensitive routes previously closed to them. And its smart design makes it road-ready from day one and weight distribution in most cases is improved. Commercial and residential CNrG-equipped models are available to meet all needs.

Galbreath AF Hoists

Introducing the Galbreath Above Frame Hoist in 60,000 and 75,000lb capacities. If you are working around limited frame rail space the AF is the answer. Designed initially to accommodate CNG applications, it is also ideal for tri-axle and quad lift axle configurations. Ask us why the Galbreath AF design is preferred in the industry!

CNG PacMac Knuckleboom/ Grapple Truck

CNG is also available on our PacMac Grapple/Knuckleboom trucks including this unit purchased by a local customer.

CNG Tymco 600

Tymco, the leader in Regenerative Air and Dustless technology offers a variety of models available in CNG. Call us today for more information or visit

Galbreath Hook Lifts

Hook-Lift Hoists are well suited for CNG applications. Whether single axle or tandem, we can work with you to accommodate your capacity and application requirements.

Misc. CNG -Training Class

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems also provides training classes and seminars to help our customers keep current with advances in technology.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems works closely with our manufacturer partners to provide Compressed Natural Gas alternatives for most of the products we sell. From the new Heil CNrG Tailgate allowing for up to 105 DGE to the Galbreath Above Frame Hoist as well as CNG options on Tymco Sweepers, PacMac Loaders and a host of other products. Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems are your local CNG experts!

Our full service facilities are certified in CNG tank Inspection stations so don’t forget to schedule your inspections today to insure you are compliant with regulations. In addition, our Chesapeake VA location has a dedicated CNG service bay to handle all of your CNG needs.

Call us today and let us help you with a solution to your alternative fuel options.