Industrial Waste Containers

If you need carts, containers, bins, beds, or boxes for industrial waste recycling purposes, Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems in the name you need to know! We offer a wide selection of carts and containers from the industry’s top manufacturers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and nationwide.

Carts and Bins

Every type of receptacle for the discard and transport of industrial waste is available from Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems. Whether inside a manufacturing facility or outside at a construction site, appropriately sized carts and containers are needed to keep the site organized and tidy. Full, smaller-wheeled carts may be pushed to a designated waste point for further disposal. Larger containers can be loaded and hauled away.

BiobiN Organics Collection System

The BiobiN is an organics collection system that provides sustainability to waste collection. It features a patented biofiltration system to reduce odors and the frequency of pest accumulation between collections. By reducing the number of necessary collections, BiobiN assists in reducing transport costs, fees, and emissions. The container is sealed to prevent outside contaminants, does not use messy liners or bags, and reduces waste volume. It is easy to operate, requiring a simple 110V outlet, and requires no installation. BiobiN works alongside a multitude of collection containers, ranging from 2-25 yard containers. BiobiN works in conjunction with WasteQuip containers, and is not intended as a standalone unit.

Rear and Front Load Containers

Front Loaders

When it comes to refuse trucks, there is good reason Heil continues to be the front loader manufacturer of choice in our industry.  For decades its unmatched performance, durability, and versatility set the standard for all others on the market.  From the Heil Odyssey, to the Heil HalfPack and HalfPack Freedom, we have great options in stock!

Rear Loaders

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems should be your first call when you need a rear loader.  We are sure to have a capacity and model to fit your needs, from the maneuverable 6, 8 and 10 Yard Mini Rear Loaders to the large 25, 27 and 32 yard workhorses, we can provide a package to fit your specific application.  We offer a large variety of cart and container systems for residential, commercial, recycling or organic collection.  With LED lights, Strobe and Back-Up Camera and Warning Systems, we have safety covered!

Roll-Off Containers

WasteQuip Roll-Off Containers

Available in 20, 30, or 40 cubic yard sizes, WasteQuip Roll-Off Containers are effective for mass organic waste collection and holding. A variety of hook configurations are available for various hauler needs. CAM or ratchet rear door closing device secures the container. Lacking an outside rail, the smooth exterior of the tub-style promotes effective and safe stacking for ease of transport. Both standard and heavy duty options are available, with 10 and 7 gauge sides respectively. Heavy-duty rectangular roll-off containers are built to withstand the most heavy-duty and demanding waste-disposal projects. Standard, Heavy Duty, and Extra Heavy Duty are all available according to the demands and needs of your project.

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