How the Transportation Sector is Working to Reduce Environmental Impact

Posted on: April 23, 2021

The transportation sector has seen exponential growth in recent decades and is showing no signs of slowing down. According to the EPA, the largest contributor to climate change in the US is transportation, accounting for around 28% of greenhouse gas emissions. But, there is some good news. Over the past 20 years, by combining science and technology, the transportation sector has made great strides in becoming more sustainable, thus reducing their impact the environment.

Some of the improvements include:

Cleaner Engines

The addition of filters, scrubbers, more efficient combustion chambers and better transmissions on diesel engines all work together to reduce emissions.

Cleaner Fuel

The use of clean burning fuel helps equipment run better, last longer and reduce emissions.

Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance on your equipment keeps it in peak condition and helps avoid unplanned downtime. In addition, compiling the data gathered during routine checks allows for a better understanding of wear patterns and can help a company stay ahead of maintenance issues, while providing feedback to equipment manufacturers.

Route Planning

Incorporating a solution that strategizes your routes is not only beneficial for your customer service and fuel costs, it will reduce carbon emissions impact as well. Route planning, scheduling and dispatching equals improved mileage and less driving, fewer miles, more product delivered and less time on each delivery.

Easy Roll Tires

More than 85% of the effect of tires on emissions comes from the extra fuel needed because of poorly rolling tires. Easy roll tires allows a vehicle to not work as hard, use less fuel and release less emissions.

The transportation sector has made great gains but still has a long way to go. By continuing to follow the science and use available technology, the industry can continue to innovate and implement new and better technology guided by science that will help minimize environmental impact.

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