The Benefits of Truck Mount Cranes

Posted on: June 29, 2021

You need a crane that will meet your needs while providing safe and efficient lifting. Truck Mount Cranes can fulfill all your needs.

Choosing the right crane for your business or project is crucial. You need a crane that will meet your needs while providing safe and efficient lifting. Truck Mount Cranes, or Service Cranes as they are also known, can fulfill all your needs. What exactly is a Truck Mount Crane, you may ask. It’s a crane, mounted to a truck.

Mobile Truck Mount Cranes have two parts – the lower and the upper. The lower section resembles a semi-truck and has a cab for operator control. The upper section is the crane itself and a secondary operating booth if necessary. Service Cranes come in a variety of truck sizes and crane heights to fit any project.

Read on to learn about the benefits of using a Truck Mount Crane:

Transport the Crane and Material Easily

The Truck Mount Crane is drivable on roads by anyone with the appropriate driver’s license, just like a regular truck, making it easy to transport. When you have a truck mount crane, you can move heavy materials on the crane itself instead of lifting the load with the crane, depositing it into a truck, driving to the new location, and unloading with a crane.

Accessibility, Flexibility & Movability

The high level of accessibility, flexibility, and movability makes Service Cranes a good choice on job sites that are narrow and limited space. Because they do not have a large footprint, they can fit easily on remote locations, city streets, or anywhere space is limited.

More Cost-Effective

Since Truck Mount Cranes require little setup time, it is much cheaper than setting up traditional cranes. When you use a Truck Mount Crane, you can almost always work with the original site and workers instead of laying a foundation or installing support pads like you would with a traditional crane.

High Level of Strength

There is no need to compromise on the level of strength your crane provides just because you’re using a Truck Mount Crane. While Service Cranes may be smaller, they still offer a high level of strength that allows them to complete comparable lifting tasks. Heavy-duty axles and hydraulic power give Truck Mount Cranes the power needed to lift heavy materials to the required heights in the safest, most efficient way possible.

A mobile Service Crane can make your business more flexible and competitive in your industry. That’s why Mid-Atlantic Waste has partnered with Auto Crane, the first name in Service Cranes. Auto Crane invented the first mobile field Service Crane, launching an entirely new industry.

Auto Crane solutions lighten your workload, boost productivity, and prioritize safety. Auto Crane’s Service Cranes, work truck bodies, and accessories are designed to make a positive difference in our customer’s bottom lines and they stand behind their products.

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