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Recycling discarded copper or aluminum cable and wire can be a profitable endeavor when the right equipment is utilized to efficiently separate the metal components from the coating materials. Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems can provide all the expertise, training and the ideal equipment solutions for specific types and volumes of wire and cable materials. Whether the wiring to be recovered consists of thin strands or coarser rigid cable, Mid-Atlantic Waste has teamed up with the best recycling equipment producers in the world to provide the best equipment for wire recovery.

For stripping wire and cable of varying diameters at a rate of up to 160 cable feet per minute (approximately 420 lbs), Mid-Atlantic Waste recommends the Bronneberg Kab-X as the best choice.  The Kab-X is easy to operate, requires very little maintenance and occupies minimal space.


bronneberg kab-x wire stripper and copper recycling. Wire recyclingbronneberg kab-x wire stripper, view from the top

To strip metal components from cable of varying diameters with high speed efficiency, the Kab-X is uniquely designed with three different stripping mechanisms that can be adapted for the types of material to be processed. The Kab-X is capable of splitting wire and cable between 1/16 inch and 3.5 inches in diameter.

Stripping Process

kab-x wire splitter and wire stripper, the double knife for cutting kab-x wire strippers double splitting knife

For tough, multi-core underground cable or even triangular-shaped wiring, gripping wheels tightly secure the inbound material prior to passing through double driven blades that separate the coating material from the metal. Medium thickness wiring is channeled through the V-roll and split by the integrated blade system. For the smallest wire, the material is channeled through a high pressure squeezing device that, due to the extreme pressure, separates the thin metal strands from the coating material. The result of these processes is a volume of clean copper wiring, completely rid of the plastic, rubber, or other coating material and ready for recycling.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems and Bronneberg Recycling Machines

Because of their long-time expertise in wire stripping, separation, and reduction of discarded materials for recycling, Bronneberg has been selected as Mid-Atlantic Waste’s supplier-partner for this technology. A world-class producer of recycling equipment, Bronneberg has been developing technologies for efficient recycling since 1946. Since then, this company has spread its expertise throughout the world.


The Kab-X has been designed to meet all safety standards. With the help of safety experts, safeguards have been incorporated to eliminate any risk of operator injury. The cutting and splitting mechanisms are housed safely in a compact upright unit. To monitor the cutting process for potential adjustments, the operator can observe through the transparent polycarbonate hood. But just in case, the Kab-X is equipped with multiple emergency stops.

Selecting the Right Wire Stripping Equipment

Discarded cable and wiring is everywhere. Each day, the demolition of buildings, cars, trucks and a wide range of other equipment yields tons of potentially valuable cable and wire. To recover their value, these materials must be separated from the housing, coating, or sometimes heavy armor to extract the valuable copper or aluminum that can be re-used.

Selecting the right equipment to extricate these valuable materials depends upon a number of variables. The Mid-Atlantic Waste experts can help to determine which equipment is best for any situation. The types and projected volume of material to be processed are the among the first determining factors. Capable of stripping 160 feet per minute of material with various diameters and armor, the Kab-X is the best choice for many situations.

Kab-X wire stripper

Mid-Atlantic Waste specialists are experts in analyzing the precise equipment choice for any situation.


Power: 4 horsepower motor

Wire Size Stripping Capability: 1/16” to 3.5 “ diameter

Production Capacity: 160 ft / minute

Machine Dimensions: 30” x 24” x 57”

Weight: 495 lbs.


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