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Kab – V

kab-v wire stripper

For over a half-century, Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems has developed and marketed a wide range of solutions for handling discarded materials and recycling the material with re-useable value. Our objectives are to optimize profitability for their user customers and to efficiently recycle materials to minimize unnecessary landfill and waste.

To this end, Mid-Atlantic Waste has partnered with a variety of creative companies with similar objectives that have invented and developed unique mechanical and technological solutions. Bronneberg Recycling Machines and Service, a Europe-based equipment manufacturer, has created a wide range of industrial equipment for splitting, shearing, baling and stripping a variety of discarded motors, wires and cables to recover recyclable components.

Kab-V Wire Stripper

kabv wire strippers and cable strippersKabV wire stippers and copper recyclers

The Bronneberg Kab-V Wire Stripper is an ingenious table-top cable stripper, designed to effectively separate valuable copper and aluminum wiring from discarded electrical material of varying sizes. Recycled copper and aluminum are valuable commodities that can be can be effectively separated, recycled and reused with the Kab-V process.

Discarded wiring may be recovered from a wide variety of sources. Whether the material is extracted from demolished or renovated buildings, junked vehicles or discarded electric motors, copper and aluminum wiring and their components are too valuable to waste in the landfill.

With the Kab-V Wire Stripper, the outer material is completely stripped leaving the copper or aluminum material fully intact and easy to recycle.

Kab-V Capability

wire stripping equipment. the kab-v wire strippers kab-v wire stippers

The Kab-V is capable of stripping 160 feet of cable and wire per minute, an amazing volume considering the small size of this tabletop-sized equipment.  This rate of processing is about 400 lbs. of raw material per minute depending on the thickness and mass of the discarded cable.

The Kab-V incorporates three different mechanisms for effective stripping of the various types and diameter of cables. The mechanisms include double rotating blades with gripping wheels, rollers for single extra thin cables, and a V-Roll blade system. These mechanisms allow the equipment to perform two distinct functions. The rotating blades are designed to slice the outer coatings of varying diameters of cable, while the roller function literally “squeezes” the finer capillary wire from its outer casings.

To operate, the operator simply sets the appropriate position of the cutting blades, feeds the material into the channel. The copper or aluminum strands are ejected from the other side free of the PVC, rubber or other coating material.

And because of its portability at only 154 lbs, the Kab-V can be moved easily to various locations where it may be employed for more wire stripping elsewhere.

This equipment is capable of splitting 1/6-inch to 2.5-inch diameter wire and cables and has been tested to meet all safety standards.

A unique feature of the Kab-V is the transparent polycarbonate hood that allows the operator to observe the process and make adjustments when needed. With simple control mechanisms, the Kab-V is easily adapted to manage a variable input

Specifications: Kab-V Cable Stripper

  • Stripping Capability:  1/16” to 2.5” diameter cable or wire
  • Cutting Speed:  160 ft. / minute
  • Dimensions:  23” x 16” x 22”
  • Weight: 154 lbs.
  • Motor: 110 V, Single Phase, 2 horsepower

Economy and Profitability

Though capable of stripping up to 160 feet of cable and wiring material in a single minute, the Kab-V is small, efficient and economical. Operated on a continual basis, the Kab-V will not only pay for itself but will generate an easy return on investment from pure recycled copper or aluminum. Don’t let those valuable wire and cable materials end up in the dumpster and eventually the landfill.

Motor 110 Volts, Single Phase – 2 HP
Wire Size 1/16 to 2.4 inch od.
Production Approx. 50ft a minute
Dimension 23 x 16 x 22 inch
Weight 154 lbs.


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