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Wire Strippers in Washington, DC

You already know that lurking in those piles of old cables and electrical wires could be a treasure trove of valuable metal that will be lost if simply discarded. With the right equipment, wires can be stripped and separated economically to yield valuable copper and aluminum that should be recycled and returned to useful Washington life.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems specializes in providing efficient mechanical solutions to recycling and waste management equipment in Washington, DC. For reclaiming value from those old wires and cables, we’ve teamed with Bronneberg Recycling Machines and Services to design, produce and market the latest technology in industrial wire stripping to Washington.

Depending upon the volume and the range of diameters of the wire or cable to be stripped, we can offer wire strippers that are the most economical solution. We will help you to select the right industrial wire strippers for your own circumstances and needs. The Bronneberg wire-stripping equipment is capable of stripping cables from 1/16-inch up to 7 inches in diameter. Choosing the right equipment can save you money by recovering value, without becoming a burdensome expense.


Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems has some of the more popular wire strippers in stock in their own facility. As well, there are some used and refurbished units on hand that may be ideal for particular customers. For other needs, equipment can be ordered for shipment to Washington, DC.

Three of the most popular models of industrial wire strippers are the Bronneberg Kab-V, Kab-X and Kab-W:

Kab-V Wire Strippers

The Kab-V is an extremely versatile table-top model that has the capability of splitting cable to remove the copper and/or aluminum and even a “squeezing” step that can separate the metal from the thinnest wire. The Kab-V is the first tabletop equipment to have this dual capability.

Kab-X Wire Strippers

The Kab-X is a more rigorous machine designed to strip light-armored aluminum and copper cables. Powerful, fast and adaptable, the Kab-X can strip 1/16-inch up to 3.5-inch diameter wire and cable. Capable of high volume, the Kab-X will strip up to 160 feet of cable per minute.

The system has a cable guiding apparatus that is easily adjustable and can adapt to all shapes of cable for stripping in one pass. And the polycarbonate, transparent hood allows the operator to monitor the process to ensure that everything is adjusted properly.

Kab-W Wire Strippers

The Kab-W is a surprisingly lightweight machine with truly heavyweight capability. This unit is capable of splitting PCV and the most heavily armored cables. This machine incorporates a hydraulic adjustment to adapt to each size or diameter cable. The Kab-W handles about anything and performs the job in one pass. Processing cable diameters of approximately 1 inch to over 7 inches, the Kab-W strips 32 feet of material per minute.

Mid-Atlantic and Bronneberg Partnership

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems is the exclusive distributor for Bronneberg industrial wire strippers for North America. This st-of-the-art wire and cable strippers have been designed to work in even the most difficult conditions, ensuring that all equipment exceeds industry standards.

Manufacturing durable industrial recycling equipment of all kinds since 1946, Bronneberg’s mission has always been focused on developing and producing equipment that anticipates industry needs for functionality, safety, and performance. Mid-Atlantic works closely with Bronneberg to ensure that each customer installs exactly the equipment they need and are properly trained to operate.

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Our experts can help you to solve any of your industrial wire stripping and recycling challenges in Washington. Determining the volume and type of wire and cable to process is the first step in selecting the appropriate equipment. Recycling metals for future use can play a significant role in your company profitability. Contact Mid-Atlantic today for industrial wire strippers in Washington, DC!

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