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Monster Evo

Efficiently and economically separating valuable copper and aluminum components from discarded equipment and wires is impossible without the proper equipment to handle volumes of varying sizes and configurations of scrap. Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems specializes in advising, selling and supporting the right equipment for any recycling objective.

The Monster EVO Cable Granulator, sold and supported in the continental United States by Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems, is the recognized front runner in high volume metal recovery and recycling. With a separation of metal from plastics effectiveness of 99.9% when finished, the Monster EVO can handle more scrap cable and wiring with a higher degree of recovery than any other equipment.

Compactly designed, but extremely efficient, the Monster EVO Granulator can process up to 220 pounds of scrap cable and wire per hour. The variety of scrap may include harness wiring, automobile cables and wire looms, and even discarded household wiring. Additional accessories, such as a Turbo unit that eliminates the need to pre-sort scrap cables, may be recommended to enhance the overall efficiency of the Monster EVO Granulator.

Economic Recycling

The efficiency and durability of the MG Monster EVO Cable Granulator will pay back the investment in a relatively short time given sufficient volume. Recovered copper or aluminum values do vary. But when you are handling discarded wires and cables from automotive, industrial and residential sources, the raw material should have a very low acquisition cost. So the volume of raw material available will determine the investment break-even point.


To efficiently and accurately process high volumes of both fine and coarse wire simultaneously, the Tritronic 300 Pre-Shredder and Loading Belt with a magnetic roller pulley is recommended. If you would only be processing solid, uniform wiring, then the Monster EVO may operate independent of these accessories.

How Does the Monster EVO Work?

The Monster EVO Granulator employs a three-step process to achieve the efficiency and accuracy of metal separation. The steps are granulation, pulverization and air separation. Simply stated, the Monster EVO Granulator reduces the scrap materials to small enough particles to achieve clean separation of valuable metal components from plastic or other material of different weights through the airflow process.

The steps are:

  1. Pulverization: scrap wiring is pre-shredded, splitting the wiring harnesses and wraps to expose the metal.
  2. Granulation: converts the materials into uniform granules for easy separation.
  3. Separation : separating the granules by specific weights with an air flow process and channeling the copper or aluminum components and waste materials to separate containers.


MG Monster EVO Cable Granulator

  • Dimensions: 62” X 55”
  • Weight: 1543 lbs.
  • Motor: 10 HP
  • Capacity: Up to 220 lbs. of mixed scrap cable and wiring

Tritronic 300 Pre-Shredder

  • Dimensions: 51” X 45” X 66”
  • Weight: 992 lbs.

Loading Belt with Magnetic Pulley Roller

  • Motor: 0.25 HP

MG Recycling: Manufacturer of the Monster EVO Cable Granulator

A key global partner of Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems’ is MG Recycling of Italy, a company that specializes in the design and construction of equipment for grinding copper and aluminum for recycling. In addition to the Monster EVO Cable Granulator, MG manufactures other equipment capable of a variety of recycling functions.

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To learn more about the MG Monster EVO Granulator and our complete range of recycling and waste disposal equipment, contact the experts at Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems. We will discuss and recommend the right equipment and accessories for your needs. And we provide service, training and support in the process. Mid-Atlantic Waste has eight full-service facilities in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania with coverage throughout the Continental United States.


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Horsepower: 10 HP

Production: 100-220 lbs. input per hour

Dimensions: 62”X 55”X 82”

Weight: 1543 lbs.


Tritronic 300 Pre-Shedder

Horsepower: 8 HP

Dimensions: 51”X 45”X 66”

Weight: 992 lbs.


Loading Belt with magnetic roller pulley:

Horsepower: .25 HP