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Matrix Series

Matrix wire granulatorThe MG Matrix 2000 is an adaptable, in-line wire and cable granulation system designed to separate copper, aluminum and other metals from mixed loads of discarded electrical wiring, cable and other formats. The system is compact and employs state-of-the-art technology to separate the metal components from the plastic or other coatings. The result is 99.9% recovery of the valuable metals in a form that can be easily recycled and reused. The value of pure granulated copper output is greater than that of raw unprocessed copper material.

Capable of up to 4400 lbs. of material per hour, the Matrix 2000 System can be designed to specific volumes of input and arranged to fit within just about any limited space. Adaptability allows for efficient production as raw material input varies from time to time and can be expanded as the flow of material grows.

How It Works

The Tritronic Pre-Shredder breaks down the raw material to a more homogenous consistency for easier processing.

When the pre-shredded raw material is loaded into the MG Granulator, the patented Zig Zag Turbo will separate the capillary, ultra-thin wiring from the rigid and coarse material. The Granulator then reduces the material to minute granules though MG’s patented cutting process. The product is then channeled to the air flow system to channel the metal particles from the plastic and other wire or cable coatings. In the airflow chamber, bursts of air separate the metal granules from the other material by specific weight and  channel the disparate materials to separate bins.


To better manage raw material that is highly diverse in thickness and consistency, the appropriate MG Tritronic Pre-Shredder should precede the granulation process. The capacity of this equipment should match the maximum input of the in-line MG Granulator. This equipment reduces variable material to allow for more consistent granulation and separation.

Selecting the Right Granulator

Mid-Atlantic experts are ready to assist in evaluating the granulator and accessories that will meet any situation. The factors to consider are the availability of raw material and the available space for processing. The Matrix Series 2000 imparts the notable advantage that it may be tailored to specific conditions and volumes.

Selecting the right equipment to match the projected raw material is the critical consideration for profitability. Through consultation with the Mid-Atlantic experts, the buyer can evaluate all options to make the best decision. Profitability can be severely limited if the capacity does not match the available volume of raw material.

The advantage of selecting the GM Matrix 2000 Granulator system is the flexibility to adapt the line for increasing volumes. Specific pieces, for example a larger MG Granulator model or Tritronic Pre-Shredder, can be inserted into the line easily to increase capacity.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems and MG Recycling

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems is a US-based leader in providing solutions for recycling and waste management. Working to find economical solutions for separating highly valuable copper and aluminum from discarded materials. Mid-Atlantic selected MG Recycling, a global innovator in patented technology and manufacturing. MG equipment is durable, effective and highly adaptable.

Tailoring the Matrix Series 2000

The MG Matrix System is designed for all volumes of wire and cable granulation. This “assembly line” processing system is capable of a handling all volumes efficiently. Raw material is loaded into the Tritronic Pre-Shredder and then conveyed to the appropriate MG Granualtor for processing. Finished granulated copper or aluminum emerges from the end of the processing line.

Let a Mid-Atlantic representative answer your questions and help to personalize a discarded wire and cable processing system that may be both profitable and adaptable.


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