VACALL AllJetVac P Series Combination Sewer Cleaner

The VACALL AllJetVac P Series Combination Sewer Cleaner models use a positive displacement blower system, setting the industry standard for high performance and reliability with just ONE engine. VACALL is the most heavy duty built truck on the market today.

The VACALL AllJetVac P Series Combination Sewer Cleaner has a vacuum and jetting systems that are powered by a chassis engine, enabling municipalities and contractors to open clogged sewer lines and remove debris while also reducing fuel consumption and routine engine service cost and downtime. A range of popular unit sizes and power options are available.

The VACALL AllJetVac P Series Combination Sewer Cleaner offers all of the following features and benefits:

  • Water tanks made of high-quality 1/4” Air Craft Grade Aluminum for extra strength, the thickest in the industry with a LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • A STANDARD CANBUS AllSmartFlow™ intelligent control system for more precise adjustments in boom movement not an option like other competitors
  • A SINGLE Chassis engine powers the vacuum and jetting system, reducing emissions, fuel costs and service requirements
  • Rugged 1/4” A572 Grade 50 Steel debris bodies are the thickest in the industry and are built to last.
  • An optional galvanized body debris body propriety to VACALL carries an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Proportional Boom and hose reel offered at the front or rear position of the chassis
  • Hose reel rotates into a multitude of positions using an easy to use air friction brake
  • Standard 8-foot, 6-inch telescopic boom allows operators to place the vacuum power where it’s needed
  • Unique multi-stage vacuum filtration system designed to reduce maintenance and extend performance
  • Tailgate design featuring a single control to open, close and lock the tailgate
  • Optional wireless remote controls