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Stock Equipment

You will find a wide range of in-stock New and Used waste handling, recycling, and sewer maintenace equipment listed here. In addition to the equipment listed, we also stock a variety of containers, bins, and carts. If you don't see what you need, let us know. Chances are we can meet your requirements.     

Recycling Equipment

MakeModelConditionPhotos and Specs
BronnebergForfex 400NewClick Here
BronnebergForfex 400Demo StockClick Here
BronnebergForfex 500NewClick Here
BronnebergForfex 500Demo StockClick Here
BronnebergForfex 600NewClick Here
BronnebergKab-VNewClick Here
BronnebergKab-XNewClick Here
MG380 VZT- Full line Including Pre-ShredderNewClick Here
MG220 VZTDemo StockClick Here
MGMonster Pre ShredderNewClick Here
Selco2R-1275 BalerRefurbishedClick Here


MakeModelConditionPhotos and Specs
Mongoose184 Trailer JetNewClick Here
Demo StockClick Here
VacAllCombination Sewer Cleaner AJV1215 2017 KenworthDemo Stock Click Here
Click Here For More Photos
Progress TankCarbon Steel 2500 Septic - 2016 International Cummins NVE 6.7 Allison (20253)NewClick Here
Progress TankAluminum 3200 gal 407/412 Full Open Rear Door w/ Hoist - 2015 Western Star 4700 (18152)NewClick Here
Progress TankAluminum 3600 Septic - 2015 KW T370 Moro PM110W 650CFM (20153)NewClick Here
Progress TankAluminum 2500 Septic Tank - 2015 HINO 338 Allison 3000 RDS (20212)NewClick Here
Progress TankAluminum 4200 Septic Tank - 2016 Freightliner 108SD w/ Pusher Masport 400W (20168)NewClick Here
Progress TankCarbon Steel 3200 Gal 407/412 Full Open Rear Door w/ Hoist - 2015 Peterbilt 348 Moro M110W (20193)NewClick Here
Progress TankCarbon Steel 3600 Gal Septic - 2016 Peter 348 Masport HXL400WV (20254)NewClick Here
Progress TankAluminum 3600 Septic Tank - 2016 Peterbilt 348 Masport 400WV (20270)NewClick Here
Progress TankAluminum 2000 gal PRT 2CPT (500(1500)) - 2015 Peterbilt 330 Masport HXL4 (20290)NewClick Here
Progress TankAluminum 1250 Gal PRT (350(900)) - 2016 Ford 550 Masport HXL4 (20294)NewClick Here

Waste Handling

MakeModelConditionPhotos and Specs
Tymco600 Sweeper
Tymco500x Sweeper
Tymco435 Sweeper
PacMacMini Rear loader
HEIL Halfpack, 28 yd Front load body (2)
Galbreath75k Hoist
HEIL / FreightlinerDurapack 5000, 25 yd rear load body
Galbreath60k Hoist (2)
HolmacMiniMac, 8 yd mini rear load (2)

Compactors and Miscellaneous

MakeModelPhotos and Specs
HarmonyP6FL Pivot Packer
MarathonTC2 HD
MarathonVIP - 8
RJMVertical Compactor
RJMVertical Compactor
Vertical BalerM51

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