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Catch Basin Cleaning Trailers


Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems proudly offers a premium selection of RAMVAC catch basin cleaning trailers. We all know that down time for repairs is a killer, so you want to make sure your unit has the quality to stand up to tough jobs. The RAMVAC line is built with this in mind; it uses tubular steel frame work, heavy duty suspensions, a NEMA 4 electrical system to prevent shorts in your wiring, and a host of other quality components.


Productive and affordable, the RAMVAC 1000 catch basin cleaning trailer is our entry level vac system, but still packs a big punch. With its 1,400 CFM blower and 4″ hose system, the RAMVAC 1000 produces 180+ MPH of air velocity. That is enough power to clean up the toughest jobs. Add the extendable 320° boom for an even easier to use and more productive system.

With its ability to reach and pull debris from as far down as 50-60′, this workhorse will be well used by municipalities as well as contractors. Thanks to the standard pendant control, you will not have to leave the work area to access all of the features of the RAMVAC 1000. The RAMVAC 1000 is available in 3- and 6-yard configurations and can be truck mounted to suit your needs.


This is the best-selling large trailer vac in the industry. The RamVac 2000, now in its 12th year of production, has been a hugely successful platform in both municipal and contractor markets. The 6” hose system and 2,400 CFM blower deliver both power and productivity to give you the ability to pull even large debris out of your catch basin. Add the 150-gallon water system to your RamVac 2000 and enjoy the ability to do hydro excavation work as well.

The RamVac 2000 is an extremely versatile machine, available either truck or trailer mounted with the 320° rotating, extendable boom. Use the standard vacuum enhancer to build vacuum in your tank for a short burst of air movement sure to pull up even the largest of debris. With just this one machine you can clean catch basins and lift stations, hydro excavate for repairs to broken lines and replacement of infrastructure, and even vacuum stubborn sanitary lines and leaf collection.


This model is the most powerful trailer mounted vac available. The RAMVAC 3000 incorporates the power of a 3000 CFM blower and a 6″ system to generate over 180 MPH of air velocity. Clean the most stubborn areas in no time and keep your schedule from running behind. The RAMVAC 3000 comes standard with a 320° rotating boom and can also reach into those hard to reach locations. Add the available high pressure water system and use your vac to “pot hole” and “day light” via hydro excavation.


When you have really big debris, the RAMVAC 4400 is the machine you need. Shown here on an off road articulated truck, the RAMVAC 4400 truck mounted catch basin cleaner will give you an 8″ hose system with a 4400 CFM blower. The 8″ hose at 4400 CFM when used with the vac enhancer will leave no debris behind— bricks and large rocks are no match for this machine.

You pick the size of debris tank you need to get the job done; the RAMVAC 4400 can accommodate 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-yard debris tanks. Features like pendant control, three stage cyclonic filtration, a NEMA 4 electrical system, a 320° rotating boom, and a high pressure water system make this machine not just productive, but extremely reliable as well. Let us show you how the RAMVAC 4400 will be the most valuable tool in your fleet.

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