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Sewer and Environmental Equipment

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Promoting state-of-the-art sewer and environment equipment is one of the critical objectives of Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems.  Our experts train and work with industry-leading supplier-partners to define the most economical and environmentally positive solutions for every challenge. As our corporate vision implies, we strive to maintain the leading edge in sewer  and environmental equipment and expertise in waste systems.

We offer:

Sewer Cleaners

The ultra-powerful VACALL JetVac P Series truck-mounted combination sewer cleaner and positive displacement blower system is designed for clearing heavy-duty municipal sewage accumulations. Powered by a single chassis-mounted engine with intelligent control, the VACALL vacuum and jetting systems performs unclogging procedures with minimal fuel and service frequency.

Built to last, the water tanks are constructed of ¼” aircraft-grade aluminum. In addition, the body of the debris holders are made with ¼” A572 Grade 50 Steel construction with a lifetime warranty.

Hydro Evacuators

To reach sewer lines, water lines and underground utilities, Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems offers the state-of-the art VACALL Hydro Evacuator, a powerful evacuator designed to reach underground elements for service or emergency repair. The Hydro Evacuator utilizes a high pressure water system with rheostat to manage pressure. A heating unit is also available for cold weather excavation.

The AllExcavate Hydro Evacuator is a practical solution for oil and gas drilling applications. These are effective for exposing underground meters and valves, tank cleanouts, drilling rig cleanings and mud removal. The high-quality aluminum tanks come with a lifetime warranty.

Street Sweepers

VACALL Dynamic Multi-Purpose Vacuum Street Sweepers provide versatile and durable hydrostatic drive with powerful vacuum and water spraying at variable speeds. With a single or dual-wide sweep, the equipment is ideal for cleaning streets, runways, catch basins and parking lots. The  sweeper uses extra-large water and debris tanks constructed of lifetime-guaranteed, reinforced steel.  

Jetting Equipment

For high-pressure sewer cleaning, Mid-Atlantic Waste offers a choice of highly effective jetting equipment. The track-driven workhorses, JAJ-600 WH and the new JAJ-600 TH, are designed to access those nearly impossible locations. With 360-degree turning capability, this sewer and environmental equipment is maneuverable in the tightest spots.

Also Jet Truck has developed two vehicle models to haul jetting capability to the site. The 800 HPR Eco combines a low carbon footprint with on-the-spot power for intense cleaning. The 800 HPR TV also projects a TV image to confirm performance while cleaning. Truck-mounted Mongoose High Pressure sewer and environmental equipment are also available.

Vacuum Equipment and Portable Restroom Units

Progress Tank produces durable, long lasting truck-mounted vacuum tanks for septic and sewage handling. The tanks are constructed from your choice of aluminum, stainless or carbon steel. Available in with various capacities, these are effective for portable restroom servicing

Air Vacuum Evacuator

The powerful and compact VacMaster 1000 Trailer System is designed for smaller capacity vacuum situations. A larger, more robust VacMaster 4000 is capable of handling those higher volume evacuations.

Portable Sewer Cameras

Ask our experts about the HDD 320 GB, 12.1-inch or the smaller 8.4-inch monitor with various sized reels to visually confirm what is actually happening in those hard-to-reach spots. The Magnum DVR recorder is also available for monitoring hard-to-reach conditions.

Catch Basin Cleaning

RamVac offers two excellent configurations of trailer-mounted catch basin cleaners designed to remove truly large debris from collection areas. With a powerful blower system and 6-inch hose, the equipment removes bricks and other foreign materials with ease.

The RamVac 4400 is a four-wheel, off-road capable vehicle equipped to handle even larger material than the trailer-mounted versions. With 8-inch hose and more powerful blower, the 4400 can do what all others cannot.

Sewer and Environmental Equipment with Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems

With a wide range of sewer and environmental equipment, Mid- Atlantic Waste Systems is proud to offer equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry. Along with the knowledge and experience of our sales team we can help with all of your sewer and environmental equipment needs.

Need dust suppression equipment?  Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems is proud to carry Buffalo Turbine line of Dust Suppression Equipment. Let our specialized sales team find you the right dust suppression equipment for your application.

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