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Do You Need a Scrap Wire Granulator in Roanoke, Virginia?

Providing scrap wire recycling systems in Roanoke.

Often, the valuable wire contained in industrial waste is lost or discarded, and their useful life is ended early. There is a lot of value to be found in electric wire and copper recycling, which can be achieved with recycling systems. These scrap wire granulators recover and efficiently recycle scrap wire.

At Mid-Atlantic Waste, we have industrial wire granulators to that work for any material, space, capacity, or budget you have in mind. Contact us today for a scrap wire granulator that’s right for you! We can provide you with a wire granulator in Roanoke.

Scrap Wire Granulators in Roanoke, VA

We have a wide selection of scrap wire granulators for you to choose from. They include the:

Monster EVO Cable Granulator

The Monster EVO is capable of up to 220 pounds of wire and cable per hour. With the addition of a powder dosing system and pre-shredder, the Monster EVO can additionally handle a wide range of household cable, wire, car wire looms, and harness wires. Small and extremely efficient, the Monster can achieve 99.9 percent separation of metal from plastics in the first pass.

A turbo unit can be added to increase productivity by eliminating the need to pre-sort the cable and wire. If only rigid cable is being processed, the Turbo accessory may not be needed, thereby improving efficiency.

MG 150

The MG 150 is a compact scrap wire granulator specifically built to recover copper from electrical cables while consuming minimal energy. This equipment is capable of processing 330 – 660 pounds of material per hour. The MG 150 granulator has the ability to separate fine and rigid wire through a pulverizing and separation process. Another important feature of the MG 150 is the self-cleaning mode that removes dust and reduces maintenance.

MG 220

The larger capacity MG 220 effectively separates electric cables and other waste materials that have varying specific gravities by first pulverizing, then separating through an air flow process. The MG 220 manages 660 to 1100 pounds per hour of raw material and, like the MG 150, has a self-cleaning dust removal system to reduce maintenance time and expense.

MG 220 VZT

The MG 220 VZT is a higher volume plant that efficiently recovers copper from just about any waste wiring component including electric cables and other scrap of different specific gravities. Through the patented pulverizing system, the MG 220 VZT will process 1100-1300 pounds of waste material per hour. The system is able to identify and separate thin wire from coarse rigid material and channels these to their respective sections of the system for further processing.

MG 380 VZT

The MG 380 VZT processes from 1765 to 2650 pounds of material per hour. After pulverizing, the MG 380 VZT sorts materials of varying specific gravity through air flow separation. The equipment is designed for full recovery of copper and aluminum materials from even the thinnest materials. Utilizing the tritonic pre-shredder, the 380 VZT adjusts to the thickness of the material before conveying to the wire granulator and separator, thus creating achieving high efficiency. And, as with the other MG granulators, this model comes with a self-operated dust removal system for easier maintenance.

Matrix Series 2000

The MG Matrix system generates over 2000 pounds per hour of material pulverizing and separation. This high-volume series is surprisingly compact and recycles a high volume of cable while separating all the copper from plastic. This plant is rated at 99.9% effectiveness at separating copper or aluminum from plastics in the first pass.

Scrap Wire Granulators for Sale

At Mid-Atlantic Waste, we are proud to offer a premium selection of scrap wire granulators. Our industrial recycling experts can help you decide which system will best match your needs, including the volume or material you need to process. Additionally, we can help ensure that the scrap wire granulator you choose is well-suited to work in tandem with your other industrial recycling activities.

Contact Mid-Atlantic Waste today to find the scrap wire granulator in Roanoke that’s best for you!

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