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Hook Lift Hoists

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems provides solutions for nearly every waste or recycling challenge imaginable. Our solutions include high-quality equipment for refuse collection, processing and recycling, sweeping, and snow removal plus sewer and environmental management.  Picking up and transporting large waste collection containers and other objects for re-positioning and dumping is an important function at construction sites, demolition projects and storm damage areas. Safe, durable and dependable hook lift hoists are the answer.

Mid-Atlantic Waste has partnered with Ampliroll, a manufacturer of high quality and proven models of reduced-weight hook lift hoists that are designed with extra strength, low-maintenance and safety of operation. Their hook lift hoists range in capability from the model AL 35E with a lifting capability of 6,600 lbs to the powerful top-end product, AL 160B, with a lifting ability of up to a massive 65,000 lbs.

Ampliroll equipment is designed to last a minimum of 25 years, plenty of time to recover the initial investment. Here a few of the most popular Ampliroll models:

Model AL 90

One of the most popular and versatile hook lift hoists is the AL 90 Series Hook-Lift, capable of loading weights up to 13,000 lbs. The system picks up, transports, dumps, and unloads 10 to 14-foot containers easily and safely. The unique telescoping jib configuration is engineered to ensure that the load is uniformly balanced for safe transport. The intricately designed body consists of a 7-inch sub-frame as foundation, tilting frame, main arm for unloading and a telescoping jib with wide open lifting hook that can load from many angles and positions. The system is powered by a patented hydraulic system that operates with a hard-working  axial piston pump that generates 7.122 gpm @ 1200 rpm.

Model AL 100 Series

Further up the ladder of hook lift hoists is the popular AL 100 Series Hook-Lift which is capable of hoisting up to 20,000 lbs. Lightweight, considering its superior capability, the AL 100 can carry loaded containers of between 10 and 17.5 feet in length. With all controls mounted within the cab, an operator can lift and load a full container in just one minute. The hoisting, loading and unloading features include a sub-frame of bended plate steel, mounted on the truck frame. A tilting frame is integrated with rear centering rollers that facilitate loading and unloading. A main arm can be used to lock the container in place for actual dumping of the load. Driven by an Ampliroll telescopic jib, a hydraulic lifting hook can lift loads from a range of positions and balance the load for easy transport. The hydraulic system powers the axial piston system at 11 gpm @ 1200 rpm.

Model AL 160A Series

One of the most capable hook lift hoists is the Model AL 160A. Design and able to tackle those big jobs, the 160A can hoist a massive 50,000 lb container with dimensions of up to 24 feet in length. This equipment can pick up, load and unload filled containers fast without any safety risk to the operator. All operations are performed from the cab and loading takes less than one minute. When loading, the telescoping jib balances the load for a secure ride. The dumping mode is accomplished by the main rams, actuating arm and tilting frame. The main arm is hinged on the tilting frame to facilitate the dumping process. The powerful hydraulic system with the axial piston arm generates 23 gpm @ 1200 rpm.

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