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Heil PT1000 Rear Loader with Organics Option

Heil PT1000 Rear loader

Heil’s innovative design and superior engineering will simplify organics and refuse collection with a number of sleek features. The Heil PT1000 is a rear loader in a class of its own, featuring the fastest cycle times available for its type, an impressive payload and a best in class hopper. Safe, simple and smart, the Heil PT1000 can handle any waste transport and management project you have in mind. 

It is an affordable and effective solution for specific or general use, and is well-suited to long-term or occasional commercial projects. The Heil PT1000 Rear Loader can safely handle most forms of organic waste, general refuse and debris with ease, providing excellent performance where you need it most.


The PT1000 Is in A Class of Its Own

The cycle time of this Heil Rear Loader is fifteen seconds, and the reload time clocks at just under six seconds. The packing force of PT 1000 is backed by high-tensile steel and an advanced, yet lightweight, high-pressure hydraulics system. The payload density runs up to a thousand pounds per cubic yard (27,000 cubic feet).

The loader boasts a three cubic yard hopper, that handles even bulkier waste materials with ease. PT1000 is highly versatile, supporting various container handling devices to suit any specific need. The exterior uses a one-piece sidewall constructed of single-sheet high-tensile steel that is sleek, rust and corrosion resistant, and easy to sign.

The PT1000 is available in 18- and 20-yard single axle models (Both FET exempt), both of which are low-weight and feature an enhanced turning radius and flexible maneuvering.

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Mid Atlantic Waste Systems has been providing optimal solutions for waste management, processing and recycling businesses for decades. We’ve built our reputation and business upon providing the absolute best tools, equipment and containers for each and every specific need. Our organics collection options are cutting edge, and provided by world-class manufacturers. No matter your need, Mid Atlantic Waste can provide the answer.

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With a reputation for excellence that spans over a hundred years, Mid Atlantic’s choice to work alongside Heil was an easy one. Heil has been the mouthpiece for innovation and complete consumer satisfaction in the organics collection industry for decades. Heil is dedicated to strong, safe and dependable products for use in general and specified waste management business, backing tradition with peerless innovation. Putting the consumer’s needs first has firmly placed Heil in the world’s leading role as a refuse collection vehicle manufacturer.   

Heil PT1000 Specifications (18 yd model)

Compaction:  Up to 1,000 lbs. Per cubic yd

Hopper Size: 3.0 cubic yd

Packing Cycle Time: 15-17 seconds

Reload Time: Roughly 6 (6-8) seconds

Overall Width: 8ft

Overall Length: 18.3 ft

Gross approximate weight: 11,100 lbs (5,035 kg)

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