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Rear Loaders

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems should be your 1st call when you need a rear loader.  We are sure to have a capacity and model to fit your needs, from the maneuverable 6, 8 and 10 Yard Mini-Rear Loaders to the large 25, 27 and 32 yard workhorses, we can provide a package to fit your specific application.  We offer a large variety of cart and container systems for residential, commercial, recycling or organic collection.  With LED lights, Strobe and Back-Up Camera and Warning Systems, we have safety covered!

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems is ready to work with you to order the perfect truck or, if time is of the essence we have stock trucks available with the most requested options.  We also can help you with your rental needs for everything from contract starts to truck down situations.

PT1000     13-25 Yard

DP5000    18 – 32 Yard

PowerTrak Commercial 20 – 32 Yard

4060 Split Rear Loader

PacMac Mini 6 – 10 Yard

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The Heil PT1000 will change your thinking about rear loader performance. With more than 60 years of Heil rear loader know-how and experience into a refuse collection vehicle that delivers the fastest cycle time in its class, an outstanding payload, and a best-in-class hopper. This truck also fits comfortably into today’s increasingly restricted budgets. Beneath its sleek exterior, the PT 1000 is a no-nonsense machine that will outperform anything else in its class. It offers a 15-second cycle time and a reload time of less than 6 seconds, with packing forces that take full advantage of Heil’s experience in high-pressure hydraulics and lighter weight, high-tensile steel construction. The PT 1000 features a large 3 cubic yard hopper that is the best in its class, making it the ideal truck for those occasional commercial garbage pick-ups. It can be equipped with a variety of container handling devices to suit just about any collection need. It also offers a payload density of up to 1,000 pounds per cubic yard and a one-piece body sidewall. The PT 1000 is available in 13, 16, 18, 20 and 25 yard models.
DuraPack 5000
The unrivaled workhorse of the industry. With over 20,000 built and nearly 30 years of reliability, Heil’s DuraPack 5000 high-compaction refuse vehicle has become the mainstay of garbage collection fleets, from small independent haulers to the world’s largest municipal fleet. Engineered to last. The DuraPack 5000 features the only fully welded, interlaced subframe in a refuse collection truck. With formed channels for extra strength, high tensile strength steel to maximize performance at a minimum weight, and full welding for superior resistance to corrosion and cracking, Outstanding weight distribution incorporates a high cylinder mount into a compact design with a short overhang to maximize forward loading of both the body and the payload. Easy to operate with a simple two-step cycle that reloads in just 6 to 8 seconds, and a complete cycle time of 16 to 18 seconds, it gets them through their routes quickly. Available in 20, 25 and 32 Cubic Yard capacity.
Powertrak Commercial
With a compaction rate of up to 1,200 pounds per cubic yard, 21-second cycle time, 7- to 9-second reloading time and a huge 3.64 cubic yard hopper, the Powertrak Commerical handles it all! And that’s not just trash talk. When you factor in a Heil truck’s traditional low maintenance cost, lack of downtime, overall on-the-job efficiency, longevity, and high trade-in value, it’s easy to see why the PowerTrak Commercial rear loader delivers the best return on investment in the solid waste industry. The PowerTrak Commercial’s revolutionary dual-track system gives the top cylinder its own track, significantly reducing the angle of resistance. This reduces friction and increases cycle times because more pressure is exerted directly onto the load, giving you incredibly long life from the aluminum/bronze alloy slide shoes. ** Also available in the PLUS Model, For areas with stringent weight restrictions, the PowerTrak Commercial PLUS high-compaction tag axle rear loader enables you to maximize productivity by carrying the largest legal loads. Under Federal bridge laws, this powerful commercial rear loader with a single tag axle can legally haul additional weight. Add an optional fifth pusher axle to carry even more legal payload. Operators can adjust both the front and tag axle loads, and can lift the tag axle when it’s not in use. Available in 25 and 32 Yard Models.
The Heil MultiPack
The Heil MultiPack refuse collection vehicle can do it all because it combines three precision-engineered products: the durable Heil DuraPack® body, the superior Python® automated arm, and the proven DuraPack® 5000 tailgate. These features make the MultiPack the ultimate high-performance refuse collection vehicle. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your total capital equipment costs, think MultiPack. It is the only truck that can handle rear loader, side loader, and even commercial garbage collection routes single-handedly. The MultiPack is ideal for routes with “unlimited-at-the-curb” contracts. It’s also the perfect unit for those ugly “surprises” that unexpectedly end up next to a customer’s trash cart on collection day. Plus, while other manufacturers may offer multi-function vehicles, only Heil’s MultiPack is “totally functional” in both modes of operation because it can pick up a completely manual or automated route. Think of the possibilities! Call us today for more information on the Heil MultiPack!
4060 Split
Have you expanded your residential trash collection operations to include multiple commodities? Are you trying to succeed with single-commodity refuse trucks? Why not improve route efficiency and reduce your costs by using the right equipment for the job? Heil’s DuraPack 4060 split-body rear loader is the ideal vehicle for manually collecting multiple commodities on a single route. It has the compaction power to handle bulky ferrous waste like used appliances and sheet metal scraps, and the sealing ability to handle wet waste like organics or food scraps. Additionally, by outfitting the vehicle with single or dual Bayne premium mobile lifters, you can reduce the stress and strain on personnel who are manually loading the vehicle. With a 40/60 two-compartment body, the DuraPack 4060 features independent hydraulic systems enabling the pressure to be adjusted for each compartment based on the type of waste being collected. For example, a higher compaction rate can be used for the refuse compartment, while a lower compaction rate can be selected for recyclables to minimize breakage. The DuraPack 4060 split-body rear loader is available in a 20 and 25 cubic yard body size. It boasts a compaction rate of up to 750 pounds per cubic yard, with a 9-10 second reload time, and an overall packing cycle time of 15-17 seconds. Additionally, it comes standard with reliable, fully-sealed electrical controls for operating both tailgates from either side