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Refuse Equipment

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Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems specializes in a full range of refuse equipment. As long-standing specialists in refuse and recycling, our company is a leader in providing solutions for processing, moving, disposal or recycling of industrial waste materials. Using the latest technologies from around the globe, Mid-Atlantic Waste pledges to provide cost effective and safe solutions for disposing of refuse while maintaining a firm commitment to respect the environment.

Refuse Trucks and Dumping Configurations

Mid-Atlantic Waste can recommend designs to outfit vehicles to meet specific needs. Our truck configurations may include highly efficient front, rear or side loading capability, depending upon the layout of your refuse areas. Mini-rear loaders can be adapted to lift and dump smaller containers as well.

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Roll-Off Trailers and Hook Lift Hoists

Understanding the need to move refuse equipment from one site to another, Mid-Atlantic Waste has the proper equipment for handling big jobs. Hook Lift Hoists are employed to literally pull heavy waste containers and specific-sized bins from the ground onto the trailer. This will allow waste containers to be easily delivered and collected when full at any job site. Mid-Atlantic Waste experts can help you select the precise equipment for your needs and and adapt to existing equipment.

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Cable Roll-Off Hoists

Mid-Atlantic Waste offers a wide range of Cable Roll-Off Hoists depending upon the capability of the existing trucks and the weight of the container or material being hoisted. The container is attached to cables, pulled onto integrated rails to position the load securely onto the trailer. To unload, the trailer is tilted back as the hoist gently releases the container

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Grapple/Knuckleboom Loaders

Representing the PacMac line of Grappler and Knuckleboom Loaders, Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems presents the best solution for picking up and loading storm debris and large yard waste. This equipment is specially designed for transport to the debris site and to grasp and load materials of varying weight, shapes and sizes onto a container or truck bed. The equipment is extremely versatile for heavy loading jobs and can be configured for specific projects for single axle, tandem axle and Roll-Off and Hook/Lift applications.

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Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems offers a wide range of compactors designed to compress a wide range of materials for recycling. Compactors and balers compress discarded vehicles and other metal objects into stackable blocks for easier handling. Once compressed, the densely compacted bales can be easily loaded and shipped to their destination.

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Carts and Containers

Every type of receptacle for the discard and transport of industrial waste is available from Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems. Whether inside a manufacturing facility or outside at a construction site, appropriately sized carts and containers are employed. to keep the site neat. When full, smaller wheeled carts may be pushed to a designated waste point for further disposal. Larger containers can be loaded and hauled away.

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Transfer Trailers and Dump Trucks

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems' experts advise and assist with the selection of the exact Transfer Trailer and Dump Truck configurations for your projects. The selection should anticipate present and future needs and help you to make the best economical decision.

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Compressed Natural Gas

Mid-Atlantic Waste offers compressed natural gas services. We work with manufacturers of each piece of equipment to determine the correct CNG application. Our full-service facilities are certified in CNG Tank inspections. We even provide training classes in the handling and regulations for using Compressed Natural Gas safely.

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Organics Collection

Mid-Atlantic Waste represents a variety of  equipment options for the collection and disposal of organic waste. Waste-Quip and BioBin are designed to hold organic material such as food and vegetable waste while minimizing inevitable decay odors.

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Refuse Equipment with Mid-Atlantic Waste

Mid-Atlantic Waste experts will help you identify the best refuse equipment solution for any challenge with the equipment, service, parts and guidance to maximize value while minimizing the costs of recovery.   Contact us today!    

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