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Industrial Waste Processing Equipment

Offering Waste Recycling Machines in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Nationwide

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems sells a wide variety of new and used recycling equipment for processing industrial materials, including:

Wire Granulators

Often, the valuable wire contained in industrial waste is lost or discarded, and their useful life is ended early. There is a lot of value to be found in electric wire and copper recycling, which can be achieved with recycling systems. These copper scrap wire granulators recover and efficiently recycle scrap wire.

Hydraulic and Alligator Shears

Industrial metal shears are indispensable tools for recycling and waste management. Hydraulics have made them safer, more powerful, lighter, and more usable under a variety of work conditions. Whether you need relatively stationary, heavy-duty scrap metal shears or lighter and more powerful hydraulic shears for more exacting work, hydraulic industrial shears can handle nearly any waste or recycling project you have in mind.

Wire Strippers

Piles of old cables and electrical wires are a treasure trove of what could be valuable metal, if you have the right equipment to recycle it. For reclaiming value from those old wires and cables, wire strippers are an indispensable tool. Depending upon the volume and the range of diameters of the wire or cable to be stripped, we can offer wire stripping machines that are the most economical solution. Choosing the right wire stripping machine can save you money by recovering value, without becoming a burdensome expense.

Electric Motor Recycling Machines

Because eventually every electric motor outlives its useful life and needs to be replaced, there are many motors out there that are lying dormant and useless—however, they don’t have to remain that way! Motors have valuable components that can be recycled if you have the right equipment. At Mid-Atlantic Waste, we are proud to be the only seller of electric motor recycling machines in the United States.  


Balers are useful when you want to compress recyclable and waste materials into manageable, small bales that can be transported easily. This industrial processing recycling equipment is ideal for people and organizations who would like to more efficiently manage their:

Roll Splitters

If you would like a machine that cuts through paper, cardboard, plastic, tetra, and aluminum coils, roll splitters may be the industrial processing machinery you need! They are designed to process surplus coils or coils with production failures to return them to useful life.

Industrial Processing Machines Nationwide and in MD, VA, DC, PA & DE

Our recycling equipment experts will help you identify the best processing machinery solution for any challenge with the equipment, serviceparts, and guidance to maximize value while minimizing the costs of processing. Recycling reduces waste, improves the environment, and, with the right tools, can recover valuable materials from equipment that may otherwise have been discarded. Mid-Atlantic Waste will show you how. Contact us today!

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