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Multi-Material Balers

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems provides both new and used horizontal balers for many applications.  Our balers can process cardboard (OCC), pallet stretch wrap, plastic, clothing and scrap metals, just to name a few.  We also offer open-end and closed door balers for multiple materials.  2 Ram balers are available for larger applications. Our economical balers are designed to process a wide variety of materials and built heavy duty to be reliable.

Mid-Atlantic Waste System’s provides service and Preventative Maintenance programs on all balers and recycling equipment. 

We also have used/reconditioned balers available.  These units can be installed across the nation and come with a warranty. 

Please inquire with one of our experts on the balers we have in stock and which one could work for your application. 




The Gemini 3560® and Gemini-Xtreme® Balers are moderate duty, closed-end horizontal balers that enable you to process a variety of material such as PET, aluminum or steel cans, paper, plastics, OCC, newsprint, and similar material. Because bales are tied vertically, no fluffing or preconditioning is required. These balers are full eject so that commodities can vary from bale to bale. These balers are popular in moderate size recycling facilities.

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Atlas Series

Our ATLAS® ET offers affordable, highly efficient, mid-size horizontal balers for non-ferrous scrap. With heavy-duty and stress-engineered construction, the Atlas offers a superior size to weight ratio to meet the demands of scrap baling applications. The specially designed bolt-on and replaceable body and ram shear blades provide optimum performance and ease of maintenance which eliminates precutting of most materials.

The ATLAS® ET (Extra Tough) features 400F liners and S-7 hardened steel ram and body shear blades for even tougher application requirements!

Facilities baling from one to three tons of aluminum and steel cans, aluminum and copper wire, aluminum siding, extrusion, and radiators are reaping big benefits from the ATLAS Non-Ferrous Baler.


TIEger Series

The TIEger auto-tie horizontal baler uses highly efficient gear twisters, which eliminates pigtails. This accounts for more than 10% reduction in wire consumption and related costs. The gear twisters and inserter needles are hydraulically driven and wire is dispensed directly from our unique box holders. Hydraulic wire positioners precisely align the wires for pick-up by the inserter needles, making the TIEger the most reliable tier on the market.

These balers are designed for high-productivity and ease of use with advanced electronics, such as the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC and Maestro® color touch-screen operator interface. From this interface, the operator can control a variety of baler functions such as auto and manual modes, bale settings, system pressure, bale length, and perform computerized diagnostics. The main panel box features IEC controls.

Used/Refurbished Balers

We offer used and refurbished 2 Ram balers. Please contact our recycling equipment sales team for more information on a used/refurbished machine that fits your application.

Used baler 2


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