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MPZ Extreme 2-Compression Baler

Scrap Metal Balers

Mid Atlantic Waste Systems is the exclusive North-American distributors for the scrap metal balers manufactured by Bronneberg. Metal balers from Bronneberg are designed for durability under the most arduous working conditions while upholding a low maintenance cost. Bronneberg offers high quality scrap metal balers for the continuous baling of your scrap metals, such as aluminium and steel. Please get in touch with our specialists for more information about the Bronneberg range of double and triple compression metal balers.


MPZ Extreme metal baler

Bronneberg MPZ Extreme 2-Compression metal baler

The Bronneberg MPZ Extreme baler is a machine designed according the latest specifications in design, engineering and production standards. This heavy duty baler is proven for many years with many satisfied customers all around the world and is designed to work all day, every day. The frame of the MPZ Extreme baler self-supporting and therefore minimal concrete foundations are required.

This Bronneberg metal baler is equipped with a shearing function between the horizontal- (first compression) and the lateral (second compression) pusher block. For this reason we eliminate jamming of oversized material which can lead to down time. The visualisation of all movements can be seen on the PLC and through a modem production figures which can be monitored from different locations. The Bronneberg MPZ-Extreme baler is designed for continuous baling applications. For example, metal turnings and punching from production lines. This baler can also be equipped with a loading scale in order to produce bales with exact same weights. The pre-loading hopper can be loaded continuously with a grapple or a conveyor belt. The requested length of the bales can be determined by setting the number of pre-compression strokes. This baler suits every kind of scrap yard and can even be placed in production lines to minimize the handling of waste material during manufacturing processes. The main field of use for this press series is the automotive industry and industrial press lines with high waste accumulation.

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  MPZ-Extreme Compression Baler
Number of Compressions 2
Charging Box Dimensions 70” x 70”
Bale Size 16” x 16” 12” x 12”
Operation Fully Automatic Control Remote Control
Power Pack Electric 480 Volt – 65 HP
Final Compression Force 1.250 – 1.500 kN
Cycle Time 35 seconds
Weight 25 tons

MPZ Extreme Baler

The MPZ Extreme Baler can process the following materials: