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Scrap Metal Balers

Balers are necessary to compress large metal objects into a compact and transportable size. This equipment reduces piles of scrap metal, ferrous materials, and automobile bodies into easily handled units. If you are in need of a baler, contact Mid-Atlantic Waste today—877-426-6112! 

Ferrous Balers

When ferrous metals have been separated from more valuable ferrous metals in electric motors, engines, plumbing hardware, and other sources, scrap metal balers compress the metal into blocks for further recycling. A high percentage of scrap ferrous metal block is exported to other parts of the world. Scrap metal ferrous balers are useful for metals other than the valuable non-ferrous products like copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. Whether the materials are industrial scrap or collected from an accumulation from various sources, balers make the materials marketable and create value. Since ferrous materials tend to have a lower value than non-ferrous material, a significant mass is required to yield a reasonable return. The best solution for high volume is to compress the mass into the smallest possible units to make transport possible.

MPZ Extreme Compression Balers

The Bronneberg Extreme Compression Balers are ideal for compacting industrial steel cuttings from production facilities, steel off-cuts, aluminum and steel turnings, copper and aluminum scrap, and even aluminum cans. One principal application of scrap baling is for automobile and industrial production lines with significant ferrous metal waste accumulations. The MPZ-2 Compression Metal Baler is equipped with shearing capability between the first and second compression actions. Shearing the material before the baling process reduces the size of the material to prevent jamming of the equipment. With a continuous feed from a conveyor or grapple, the scrap metal enters the compression chamber where the powerful push-blocks squeeze the material into a predetermined form.  Each baled unit may be set to precise dimensions. The equipment can even be placed beside on a production line to continually route the scrap metal away from the production and into the metal press machine.

Rotor RR-5 Car Logger/Baler

The Rotor RR-5 Car Baler is perfect for companies that have an ongoing, available supply of car bodies or other bulk materials. The RR-5 is transportable and capable of being fitted with hydraulic lifting equipment to lift the objects into the machine. A 145- hp Perkins diesel engine powers the system, adequate for the toughest baling jobs. The process starts with a 200-ton lid compressing force that squeezes the object completely into the compartment before the actual compacting takes place. When the compressing starts, the 155-ton force produces the highest density bale within 60 seconds.

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Bronneberg and Mid-Atlantic Waste are premier providers of world-class recycling equipment. Bronneberg engineers design state-of-the-art metal recycling equipment that reduces metal components into a usable form. Mid-Atlantic Waste markets and supports Bronneberg metal recycling equipment, including granulators, alligator shears, and metal balers. For more information about the Bronneberg hydraulic metal bales, car balers, non-ferrous balers, or other baling equipment, contact Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems. The recycling experts at Mid-Atlantic Waste can help you select the right equipment for your needs—get in touch online or at 877-426-6112!  

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