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Hydraulic Shears & Alligator Shear for Scrap Metal Processing

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If you've used an alligator shear or industrial shears, you know they are indispensable tools for recycling and waste management. Hydraulics have made them safer, more powerful, lighter, and more usable under a variety of work conditions. Whether you need relatively stationary, heavy-duty shears or a lighter and more powerful hydraulic shear for more exacting work, hydraulic industrial shears can handle nearly any waste or recycling project you have in mind.

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Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems offers only the highest quality shears from Bronneberg and Holmatro. Contact Mid-Atlantic today to order your industrial hydraulic shears! Our fully stocked facilities are located in MD, DE, VA, and PA.

Alligator Shear for Heavy Work 

Also called crocodile shears or a lever shear, an alligator shear has a hinged jaw and jagged, heavy-duty “teeth” that can cut through virtually any kind of scrap metal you have on hand. Alligator shears are used around the world in scrap and junk yards to help clear away non-ferrous materials by cutting them into smaller, easier to manage pieces.

Whether you are processing scrap metal, I-beams, reinforced rebar, or other thick, heavy steel, the alligator shears can make short work of them with its potent shearing action and powerful jaws made of high-tempered steel. The jaws often have a maximum 32 inches of cutting space between them, which allows for many sizes and shapes of scrap metal.

We've partnered with Bronneberg to bring you top-of-the-line hydraulic shears. Bronneberg, a company known for its years of experience and expertise in the recycling business in Europe, has come up with two different kinds of alligator shears for your use: the Forfex and the A-600E.  Each offers reliability, ease of use, and high powered cutting, with the best safety compliances in the business.

You generally would use alligator shears for processing large scrap metal items and cutting them into much smaller and more manageable pieces. When you have long pieces of commercial scrap metal or stock to process, the alligator shears help to make it much easier for you to separate the ferrous metal from the more desired metal that you want.

Early versions of the industrial shears used a flywheel to power the jaws, which resulted in the shears working at all times and made it much more dangerous to use. Thankfully, modern hydraulic alligator shears work only when you need them, which makes them safer and more precise.

Handheld Hydraulic Shears for Precision Processing of Scrap Metal 

While alligator shears do a great job with large, long pieces of scrap and stock, the last thing you want them for is making precision cuts. Our handheld hydraulic shears from Holmatro are lightweight and ergonomic, and will help you to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

As the name implies, the industrial shears are light enough to be used by hand, which makes them ideal for making more precise cuts and for shaping items. They also work great when you need to trim smaller metal pieces from larger pieces and are separating ferrous metal from your good scrap, and removing catalytic converters from scrap vehicles. 

Handheld hydraulic shears, like all kinds of shears, have an upper and lower cutting surface that close in a shearing motion to cut through scrap metal and other objects. The handheld hydraulic industrial shears resemble a lobster claw with its two curved and jagged jaws that make quick work of your dismantling projects.

Want to cut the roof off of a scrapped car? Handheld shears will do it. Dealing with a large piece of scrap that’s too bulky to feed to alligator shears? Your handheld hydraulic industrial shears will cut out smaller sections until the original large scrap piece no longer exists. And when you want a piece of scrap that is of specific dimension, your handheld hydraulic shears are the proper tool for the job.

Industrial Hydraulic Shears: Easy to Use and Master

One of the best things about alligator shears and handheld hydraulic industrial shears is that they are relatively easy to use. They mostly are simple tools with very basic controls that you can teach to workers.

When you have alligator shears and handheld hydraulic shears at your jobsite, you will have the best possible tools for your scrap metal recycling efforts and should be able to make quick work of big projects for more money.

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