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Holmatro Handheld Hydraulic Shear

Handheld Hydraulic Shear

holmatro handheld hydraulic shear

Though powerful but stationary, the alligator hydraulic shear makes quick work of reducing larger and bulkier scrap metal for recycling. The Holmatro Handheld Hydraulic Shears will handle smaller and more precise metal cutting jobs. Lightweight and easy to handle, this hydraulic metal shearing tool can be used anywhere the job takes you.

If exactness or shaping of metal pieces is required, handheld hydraulic shears are the ideal option. This tool can be used for separating specific metal types, such as ferrous from non-ferrous, or for reducing large metal piece sizes to a more manageable bulk that they can be easily transported. Hydraulic shears are commonly used for separating individual car parts for recycling or reuse. These shears have an upper and lower cutting surface often compared to a lobster claw configuration.

Handheld Hydraulic Shears are Easy to Use

ICU-10 with special A-10 cable blades

Because of the hydraulic design, this handheld shear is more powerful than their lightweight appearance would suggest. This highly portable tool can quickly remove the top from a junked auto or reduce a large and bulky piece of scrap to segments that can be easy loaded and transported. User friendly with plenty of power, these hydraulic shears are built with safety and protection features designed to avoid injury. And Mid-Atlantic Waste representatives will provide orientation and safety training for the proper use of these portable hydraulic shears. Holmatro knows that heavy duty jobs require heavy duty power. And this kind of power needs to be paired with equal measures of control.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Solutions

Mid-Atlantic has a decades-long history of helping companies find the right solution for every phases of waste management and recycling. Recognizing that scrap metals offer a highly profitable opportunity, Mid-Atlantic Waste has partnered with several worldwide companies to supply, develop and market the best tools for specific needs. For scrap metal management, the options that Mid-Atlantic Waste offers are state-of-art and designed for very specific operations. In tandem, the full line of Mid-Atlantic Waste's equipment offerings can handle any project that may arise.

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Every business has different recovery and recycling demands. Our experts can counsel you on the best equipment for your range and volume of tasks. While there are profits to be salvaged from demolition and recycling, using the right equipment will maximize these.

holmatro handheld hydraulic shears

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Since Mid-Atlantic represents the best products in the recycling and waste industry, joining forces with Holmatro to sell and support their hydraulic shears was a natural decision. Holmatro is a world leader in hydraulic equipment and systems. These handheld devices from Holmatro are used in very demanding rescue situations in which dependability, portability and strength can mean the difference in saving lives. More often, a variety of industrial applications are successfully performed each day. Holmatro, as a company, works closely with their customers and dealers to ensure the safety of everyone using their equipment. Holmatro even has a unique inspection program in place for every piece equipment sold to ensure that it is viable and reliable long after it is sold. They even provide training to dealers for local, regular maintenance so their products can run at peak performance. Holmatro is even a green company – recycling all auxilary fluids and scrap metals in their plants to keep our planet healthy.
Industrial Cutting Tools and Safety
The Holmatro Mobile Hydraulic Cutter is a heavy-duty version with a wide range of capabilities. For automobile scrap reduction, this handheld shear is used for separating and recycling catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, car doors, bumpers, steering columns, engine mountings and just about everything else. For industrial or demolition application, these hydraulic shears can work through any materials including rods, tubes, fuel pipes, heating pipes and any other construction material that may need to be removed. The potential applications are nearly limitless. The hydraulic cutter blades are designed to cut up to 65.7 tons before being easily replaced.
Mobile Cutter Specifications

For use in such applications as: Cutting rod material, tube profiles, fuel pipes, drive shafts, cables, heating pipes, etc. 

This industrial cutter was designed for a wide range of idustrial applications. It has short, but powerful, blades capable of cutting through a wide variety of materials. Lightweight and ergonomic. Designed to be user-friendly. The blades are designed to cut up to 65.7 tons and can be quickly exchanged. The cutter is also extremely safe. It can only be operated with both hands, the moving parts are guarded, and it has a dead man's switch.

Max. working pressure: 7252 psi

Max. cutting force: 144,777 lbf

Max. cutting opening: 7.1"

Weight, ready for use: 42.8 lbs

Dimensions: 30.5"x10.6"x8.6"