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Alligator Shear A-600 E

For cutting and reducing large metal pieces into more manageable segments for recycling, the powerful Bronneberg Alligator Shear A-600 E from Mid-Atlantic Waste is the best option. Highly adjustable and safe to operate, the A-600 E will cleave all types of metal in nearly any shape or format. The equipment is durable and compact. With 250 tons of force capability, the A-600 E is designed to handle the toughest jobs, including high tensile strength, oversized pieces and aluminum extrusions.

Reducing Scrap Metal for Recycling

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Recycling is not just an environmentally favorable activity. Metals retrieved from demolished buildings, automobiles, discarded equipment and other sources can be reused to make new products. Given that amount of energy and cost to reuse recycled metals is far less than the cost of obtaining and manufacturing with virgin materials, recycled metals have value. But these usually must be reduced to a more transportable form and size.

To cut and reduce large volumes of metal material of varying type and shape into smaller pieces, a Bronneberg A-600 E Alligator Shear is the most powerful, versatile and efficient equipment available.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems | Bronneberg Recycling Equipment

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems is an exclusive distributor in the continental United States for Bronneberg Recycling, a world leader in light and heavy-duty recycling equipment. Both companies have decades of experience in providing the best equipment and support for handling recycled materials and managing waste. Mid-Atlantic representatives are experienced in the use of all Bronneberg equipment and will provide demonstration and training for new users to safely operate the Alligator Shear A-600 E.

For extra heavy-duty operations, more robust A-600 E Alligator Shear components are available with a larger oil tank and oil cooler to accommodate larger, heavier pieces.

How the A-600 E Operates

Bronneberg alligator shear

Because high levels of force are generated by the A-600 E Alligator Shear to cut through the toughest materials, necessary safeguards have been built into the equipment. The controls are prominent and easy-to-read. A specially-designed heavy-duty work table adjoins the equipment to allow the operator to feed the metal piece into the shear at the preferred cutting angle. The alligator shear has fully-adjustable, four-sided reversible cutting blade that can be set for any-sized material. When the cutting cycle begins, a hydraulically operated hold-down arm securely locks the piece in place as the cutting arm descends to cleanly shear the piece at the desired angle. At any time during the process, a readily accessible emergency stop can be activated to halt the equipment in place if readjustment is required or a potential safety risk has arisen.

The cutting area of the all-electric Bronneberg A-600 E is virtually surrounded by adjustable safety barriers to minimize the possibility of flying pieces and unintended accident.


Available On-Order or In-Stock Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems carries a wide range of new and used recycling and waste management equipment in inventory. While new equipment is on-hand or can be custom ordered, used or demo equipment may also be available. Contact Mid-Atlantic Waste to witness a demonstration of the power and versatility of the Bronneberg A-600 E Alligator Shear. Our experts will answer any questions and help you to determine the right equipment for your situation. Capacity requirements plus the type and supply availability of raw material will determine which equipment is best for your operations. Specifications of the A-600 E Alligator Shear Power: 400-480 volts / 25 horsepower Blade Opening: 13.6 inches Blade Length: 24 inches Cutting Capacity: 2.75-inch Round Solid Bar (mild steel) Dimensions: 102” x 60” x 63” Weight: 8,500 lbs. Cutting Force: 250 tons

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POWER PACK Electric 400-480 Volts – 25 HP
CUTTING CAPACITY  2.75" Round Solid Bar (mild steel)
DIMENSIONS 102'' x 60'' x 63''

The A-600E is top of line and in stock

Bronneberg A-600E Alligator Shears are standard equipped with:
The Shear head is guarded by an independent adjustable safety guard