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Recycling Equipment in Baltimore, MD


Understanding How Technology Can Reduce Our Waste in Baltimore and Improve Our MD Environment

Go Green and purchase quality waste processing material recycling equipment from Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems. We have a wide range of waste processing and material recycling equipment in Baltimore that we are sure you will find exactly what you need to complete any task you may have.

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Since 1985 Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems has been a leader in Baltimore waste management and innovative recycling equipment solutions. From collection to processing, Mid-Atlantic sets high standards of expertise and innovation and provides the most economical and environmentally effective options for the reuse and recovery of discarded materials and equipment.

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Processing Equipment in Baltimore

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems offers a wide variety of new and used recycling equipment in Baltimore, MD for processing industrial materials.

These are:

  • Wire granulators: Mid-Atlantic Waste supplies granulators that pulverize any size wire or cable to salvage the valuable copper and aluminum components within. Several models are available depending upon the space, volume and types of wire and cable to be processed. Models include the Monster EVO, MG 150, MG 220, MG 220 VZT, MG 380 VZT, and the Matrix Series, each built by Bronneberg, the Europe-based industry leader. These highly efficient machines can be configured to meet your specific requirements and achieve a 99.9% rate of separation of metal from plastics.
  • Hydraulic shears: designed to reduce scrap metal in any situation, handheld hydraulic shears are precise, lightweight and simple to operate. Larger, more powerful Alligator shears are used for bulkier jobs requiring less precision. Mid-Atlantic Waste distributes hydraulic shears produced by manufacturers Bronneberg and Holmatro.
  • Wire strippers: Bronneberg’s most popular industrial wire and cable strippers in Baltimore are the Kab-V, Kab-X and Kab-W models, each designed to efficiently strip and separate copper wiring of various diameters and materials. Mid-Atlantic Waste carries some of these models in stock as well as a quantity of used and refurbished equipment.
  • Electric motor dismantler: within the core of those old and discarded electric motors are some valuable materials like copper and aluminum that are not easily separated. Mid-Atlantic Waste’s motor dismantler is designed to split outer casings and housings to access the valuable parts within.
  • Metal balers: Mid-Atlantic Waste is the exclusive North American distributor for Bronneberg ferrous baling equipment. This high-volume equipment is designed for continuous baling and compacting of scrap steel and iron components. These balers come with double or triple compression capability.
  • Non-Ferrous Balers: Mid-Atlantic Waste also offers high quality non-ferrous balers for the compaction of metal components such as copper, aluminum, brass, nickel and time.
  • Car baler: The Rotor RR-5 car baler is designed for baling stripped auto chassis and other high volume scrap. The baler is capable of a final baling force equivalent of 155 tons, the highest in the industry. Within its unique charging chamber, the 155-horsepower Perkins diesel engine can reduce a scrap vehicle into a high-density bale in less than 60 seconds. And the equipment can be adapted to be moved off-site easily with the addition of a container hook system and hydraulic jacks.
  • Roll splitters: designed to cut surplus or flawed coils made of cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum and tetra for efficient recycling, the equipment can process coils up to 118 inches in length and 50 inches in diameter.

Collection Equipment in Baltimore

Mid-Atlantic Waste also offers a wide range of waste collection containers in Baltimore, MD to facilitate handling, loading and transporting waste material to suit your workplace needs for volume and space.

  • Carts and bins
  • Rear and front load containers
  • Roll off containers, flatbeds and sludge boxes

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Mid-Atlantic Waste experts will help you identify the best recycling equipment solution for any challenge with the equipment, service, parts and guidance to maximize value while minimizing the costs of recovery.  Recycling reduces waste, improves the MD environment and, with the right tools, can recover valuable materials from equipment that may otherwise have been discarded. Mid-Atlantic Waste will show you how. Contact us today!

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