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Cable Strippers

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As machinery wears out or becomes obsolete, companies inevitably end up with piles of cable and wiring that has no immediate need. While these wires are certainly recyclable and may even be valuable given the copper or other metal content, the essential problem is how to strip the valuable materials from their coating or housings.

Since copper and aluminum are high-value commodities, automatic wire strippers are a solution to the challenge of turning discarded wire into a viable profit-generating endeavor. Depending on the potential volume of available wire and cable for recycling, Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems can provide the right industrial wire strippers to meet your demand.

Bronneberg and Mid-Atlantic Waste

Bronneberg Recycling Machines & Services is a global producer of highly specialized equipment designed to reduce certain industrial waste materials into essential components for recycling. One equipment group includes a broad range of wire cutting and cable stripping machines for various types and volume capabilities. Mid-Atlantic Waste provides sale, installation, training, and service for this equipment to ensure successful operations.

Mid-Atlantic Waste's experts can help you to determine which cable strippers may be right for your situation. By evaluating the projected volumes, types and thickness of the materials available, and your plant configuration, the Mid-Atlantic specialist can recommend a wire stripping machine that will work best.

Three options for handling virtually any type of cable are the Kronneberg Kab-V, Kab-X, and the Kab-W wire strippers. These are durable and economical choices for a broad range of wire and cable stripping jobs.

Kab-V Wire Stripper

Mid-Atlantic Waste’s most popular version of wire stripping equipment, the Kab-V, is a table-top powerhouse that splits the cable to expose the valuable metal within. A “squeezing” step in the process separates even the thinnest wire from its casing for easy retrieval. The versatile Kab-V wire stripper separates wire as minute as 1/16” in diameter up to a substantial 2.5”.

Mid-Atlantic Waste usually has used and refurbished Kab-V Wire Stripping equipment in stock. Alternatively, you may order a new Kab-V and have it configured to your needs.  

Kab-X Wire Stripper

A more robust model designed for more light-armor copper and aluminum cable, the Kab-X  can separate the tiniest wire from its housing while also stripping cable up to 3.5” in diameter. With rigorous capability, the Kab-X automatic wire stripper can process up to 160 feet of cable per minute. To handle the range of wire and cable configurations, the Kab-X has an adjustable guiding mechanism that quickly adapts the wire stripping operations to any diameter. Moreover, the Kab-X comes with a transparent hood that allows the operator to view the process safely while in operation.

Kab-W Wire Stripper

The ultimate wire cutter is the Kab-W  Cable Stripping Machine from Mid-Atlantic Waste. The Kab-W, though still very light weight, is a heavyweight automatic wire stripper machine. This equipment is capable of splitting wire encased in PCV or heavily armored casings. This powerful wirecutter can separate material up to 7” in diameter in a single pass.

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Unlock the wealth of copper and other valuable material within those discarded wires and cables. With Bronneberg wire strippers from Mid-Atlantic Waste, the process is simple, safe, clean, and economical. Work with a Mid-Atlantic Waste expert to define the right wire stripping equipment for your business and turn that refuse into profit. 

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