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What Is the Best Equipment for Metal Recycling?


The right equipment for a metal recycling job depends upon the metal and the format in which the scrap material currently resides. If the scrap is wiring or cable, equipment that separates the metal from the coating material is required. If the metal should be the steel or aluminum from a car or truck body, tools to reduce the sheet metal to a recyclable form are beneficial. If the discarded item is an electric motor, for example, there is equipment to separate the metals from the housing.

What Types of Equipment Are Available?

Wires and Cables

From the tiniest copper wiring to the largest cable, strippers and granulators are the best options. For consistently sized wire material, Mid-Atlantic Waste offers a line of highly efficient stripping or splitting equipment that separates the valuable copper wiring from the plastic coating in a single pass. From the desktop Monster EVO model to the higher capacity MG units, these highly efficient models will handle any volume of scrap product that you anticipate processing. For mixed and variable wire and cable, the Bronneberg granulators with continuous feed quickly reduce all material to fine pieces and then separates the metal from the coatings. The machine is 99.9% effective on the first pass. Moreover, the granulated material is perfect for transport to the smelter.

Electric Motors

Inside discarded electric motors are valuable copper and aluminum components. These motors are constructed with sturdy protective shells of steel to protect the delicate wiring and parts within. Only very rugged, specialized equipment can split those casings to recover the inner metals. Mid-Atlantic Waste’s electric motor recycling equipment from Bronneberg is capable of splitting even the toughest motors for recycling.

Sheet Metal and Larger Metal Items

Before any recycled metal can be transported for recycling, bulky pieces must be reduced to a manageable size. When large equipment and partitions constructed of large sheets of aluminum or stainless steel are discarded, equipment to cut and reduce the material is critical. Mid-Atlantic Waste’s line of hydraulic shears are powerful enough to cut through any material. Alligator shears come in various capabilities and cutting precision. These shears are used in scrap and junkyards everywhere to reduce large metal pieces. Reliable and easy to use, the Bronneberg Forfex and A-600E offer strength and precision to cut the metal into small, portable manageable sections. When handling large pieces of variable materials, the alligator shears allow the operator to reduce the metal into segments to easily segregate ferrous materials from more valuable non-ferrous metals. Whether the recycling metal is in-house or off-site, Holmatro portable handheld shears handle any stainless steel or aluminum sheeting, reducing them to smaller pieces for easier handling. This hand-held device is capable of removing the roof from an automobile, and then cutting it into pieces. Whether these shears are fixed in place or portable, they are easy to use.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Represents the Best in Metal Recycling Equipment

The nation’s experts in recycling and waste management solutions, Mid-Atlantic Waste sells and supports world-class recycling equipment. Partnering with the leading recycling engineers in the world, Mid-Atlantic Waste has a solution for any type of metal separating, processing, and recycling. From tiny copper filaments to entire steel and aluminum truck bodies, Mid-Atlantic Waste experts will consult with you to identify the right equipment for your metal recycling projects. Recycling can be profitable if performed on the right scale with the best and most efficient equipment. Do not send that reusable material to the junkyard. Recycle and profit from it. Call us now for help getting started—877-426-6112!